Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Hurricane Sandy Weekend

Friday we were all certain the Hampton Roads area would feel the effects of Sandy. So, my sister quickly made the decision to change Andy's birthday party from Sunday to Friday night. After work I rushed home, changed clothes and we headed straight for the grocery store before it was too crazy. I stocked up on the usual items and got some bottled water and stuff just to be prepared. Then we went straight to Andy's birthday party. The girls' had a great time and Andy loved opening his presents all by himself this year. He got some really cute things. Steve's mom came from New York to spend a week with them and she finally got to see baby Ella.

Saturday we went down the road for Chuckatuck's first Founders Day. This event was sponsored by the Historical Foundation and was an event to socialize, eat, dance, and to show off the newly renovated Gwaltney's Store. This is what my dad has worked so hard on since May. Bo and Steve have done a lot to help him too. The doors were opened to the community for the first time. We took the girls to the Halloween costume contest - Hannah won First Place for her "Little Bo Peep" costume (her sheep obsession) and Emma won Funniest Costume for her "LaLa Loopsy" costume. We had some BBQ, talked to lots of people and then went to the store to be present while people came to take a look around.

the girls in their costumes
me, Lindsay and the kids
costume contest

face painting


ride to the store! this is how they were transporting people around town - and the weather started showing itself right around this time

mom and  Bo in the store

And... look who was in the paper the next day!!

We got back home around 3:00 and by then it was raining. We realized we would probably be in the house for quite awhile and sure enough - we were. Bo made some chicken dip for us to snack on. I started laundry in case we lost power. Sunday was more rainy - bell choir was supposed to perform at church, but it was cancelled. So, we all slept until 9:30!! We spent more of the day doing small projects around the house - rearranged Emma's room, cleaned bathrooms, updated baby books, etc. It was really nice to stay home and get things done. School was cancelled Monday as they were predicting the worse of the winds that day. It did pick up around lunch on Monday. Our back furniture was scooting across the backyard. We were watching our trees carefully. Just as we thought we were in the clear Monday evening - power went out. It was out for about 2 hours. We played board games by flashlight and then at one point we were all on the couch under a blanket - each of us on our electronic devices (the girls on their leap pads) and even Lilly was with us on the couch. It started getting really cold. Bo started looking up hotel rooms because my parents were out of power too. Just as he was doing that the power came back on. We had a two hour delay this morning - still cloudy, cold and misty with on and off rain, but other than that it was okay. 

That was pretty much our extended weekend - a whole lot of staying home, playing indoors, cleaning and sleeping late. I have seen several pics from Nags Head and there is a lot of damage - a pier lost, roads torn up, lots of flooding, pools ripped to  shreds, etc. I think VA Beach was okay - lots of flooding in Norfolk though. 

Also - we FINALLY closed on the old house last Thursday. At least that is one thing cleared from the list. 

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Pumpkin Painting!

Tonight after dance class the girls finally got to paint their pumpkins. They have been asking almost every night for the past week and we just have not had the time. So, we made sure to do it this evening. It kept them quite still and quiet for about 30 mins.

The talk around here is the hurricane and how we are going to be effected. My sister changed my nephew's party from Sunday to tomorrow night. I have a friend that left from Norfolk on a cruise - the same cruise we took a few years ago - and has been out there in all of it. I have been so worried about her. I know it was not the vacation she had planned. Another friend of mine has her parents on the same ship and she said her dad contacted her and said the waves were the size of the ship! Scary! We will see what happens. I just don't want to be without power for days!

Just Some Randoms

I loved this picture of Emma and Lucy at mom and dad's house.  Lucy is growing and is in all sorts of trouble these days. She is chewing things like crazy. My mom has already had to replace a phone cord, she has chewed on her kitchen chairs, pocketbook straps, you name it. She is the most playful dog we have ever had. She is full of energy and will pick up ANYTHING that is on the floor - even to the girls' hair bows or toy figures! She is a mess!

Last weekend was low key and it was great. Friday night we went to my high school homecoming game. We just saw a few friends and caught up with some people we don't see a lot. We also saw Emma get embarrassed for the first time by Bo! He was clapping and dancing to band and Emma said, "daaaadddd, stooppppp!" She didn't say it ugly - it was very under her breath and giving him the eye like - will you please stop??? and then she would smile - it was so funny.
 E and H at the game

Saturday my aunt had a yard sale so mom and I went and took a few things of our own to sell. I can't believe it, but I sold the girls' baby crib. We just don't want to store it and "if" we have another baby, which will not be anytime soon, then we will just use my sister's crib. I was glad that it went to a very good home - someone who really needed and I just did not get rid of it.

After the yard sale my mom and I went to Toys R Us for some Christmas Shopping. Santa is already working hard! PLUS I had a 20% coupon that day - saved almost $100!! The thing is - I didn't even know about it until I was checking out and I overheard another person say something about it. I quickly pulled up my e-mail on my phone and the cashier just had to scan the barcode on my e-mail. I was thrilled!

Sunday was working day at the store that is being renovated. It looks completely different - just amazing. Bo has helped there so much this past few days. Dad had two friends, Bo, Robbie and Steve helping all Sunday to get the floors down. This week the light fixtures were put in. This coming weekend is "Founders Day" so the big reveal to the community will happen! I need to get some of mom's pictures to post - she has done pictures of the whole process.

this little cutie on our way to church this Wednesday night - such a mess

ABC's and 123's

Just a few school pics from this year!

 I had to include how I arranged my dad's shift at the fire dept. to come do fire safety lessons with all of my kindergartners. (he was so thrilled - haha) The other fire fighter is my friend and old neighbor who I grew up with who now works with dad. This pic was also in the Suffolk Schools newspaper :)

Hannah in her classroom - proof that she is sitting still  - something she never does at home!

Emma's family project but I could not get the darn picture to rotate!

one of Emma's paintings at school

the girls doing homework - they take it very seriously. we do homework Mon, Tues and Wed. nights. They do some type of  writing/letter/number activity and then of course pick their books before bedtime. This night they were working on handwriting. 

A picture the preschool director sent me of Emma "milking a cow" learning about their farm unit

another picture sent by the director of Hannah painting

They have brought home the cutest Halloween crafts and projects. Their boxes for the school year are already getting full! 

Mom's Birthday

Last week we celebrated my mom's birthday. Because Lindsay was still healing from her C Section we just did a quick pizza and cake night at Lindsay and Steve's house. It was nice, but boy was it crazy with four kids under the age of four. Andy is also at the age where he does NOT like the girls playing with his toys so that was real fun. Hannah later had an attitude because she lost her ring she was wearing and decided not to be in any other pictures. Of course begging the kids to finish dinner is always fun when we are all around because all they want to do is play. When eating cake my nephew then fell out of his chair (he did not want his high chair because the girls were in the big seats - so he had to be too). And I am sure there were a few drink spills here and there!

Happy Birthday Mom!! I think I am feeling a mom/daughter day getting lunch and a pedicure soon. That night was just craziness!

the girls before school that day - LOVE this line at Gymboree

mom opening presents with the help of the kids

 the picture we had Hannah in before she had her moment of not being photographed

Sunday, October 14, 2012

The Pumpkin Patch!

Today we got Andy in the morning, went to Sunday School, church and second Sunday lunch. I had nursery today so Andy stayed with me. After lunch we came home, changed and everyone took a nap! I think we were all still pretty tired from the excitement yesterday. Andy slept in Emma's bed and me and Emma slept in my room. I mean.... I was under the covers and dreaming I was so asleep! I really needed that! We all got up around 4:00 and headed to the Pumpkin Patch. It was the first time we had been to this place - and it was only 4 miles from us! They had an old General Store and a huge outdoor play area, corn maze, animals, a "cornbox" instead of a sandbox, lots of climbing things and other play equipment to enjoy while we waited for the hayride to get our pumpkins. All of the kids had fun and we brought back little pumpkins to paint and two large pumpkins to carve! It was a beautiful evening for it too!

Later we grabbed some dinner, ran a few errands and then came home to let the kids play awhile. Andy even had bathtime here but then mom came to get him around 7:30 tonight. He is going to stay with mom and dad tonight. He did a great job for not having his mommy and daddy for a whole night and day. He just loves being with Emma and Hannah so as long as they are around he is good!

Welcome Baby Ella!!!

My new niece, Ella Blair Steele, was born on Saturday! She was 8 pounds 4 ounces. Although Lindsay got all the way to 10 cm - the baby did not descent properly so she had to have a c section. Come to find out, the cord was wrapped around her arm. We are just so happy that she is here and healthy! Lindsay and Ella will get to come home on Tuesday!

full waiting room

cousins waiting

what a great day!