Monday, July 30, 2012

Princess Tea Party/Weekend

For some reason this past week flew. Summer is certainly rounding it's turn and before I know it, it is back to work! Last week was one of those "catch up" weeks. I did a lot of cleaning out and organizing. We went to the pool at the gym for some fun time. I have also worked on the girls's birthday party quite a bit. We had a dance moms/girls play date on Thursday.  One of the girls had everyone over for a princess tea party and lunch. The girls had a blast together. Emma and Hannah even stayed later so I could attend my summer literacy committee meeting at school. This little group of girls get along so well together and we just love to see them have so much fun. 

Here are the girls dressed up on Sunday with some cute dresses they had not worn yet. Lilly wanted to be in the picture too!

That's all for now! More to come soon!

Monday, July 23, 2012


This weekend we had Vacation Bible School at church. This was our first time really participating in VBS since the girls are at a good age to be involved in the rotations. I was a crew leader for the two year old class (Hannah's class) and they did the whole group lesson, projects in the classroom, playtime and then the whole group closing.

Emma participated in the 4 year - 1st grade age group rotations. Their class rotated to different rooms after the whole group lesson. They went to music, projects, art, games and then met us back at the closing.

They served a dinner each night and it was very nice to be around church family. The kids had an ice cream party and we had a hymn sing along Saturday night. We would just sing the first verse of our favorite selected hymns. The kids started picking Christmas songs and then the preschoolers wanted to sing "Mary Had a Baby" from their Christmas program! Emma say, "but, it's not Christmas" (my little realist). However, her and Hannah gladly went up front and sang it.

Bo participated in the adult class while I was with Hannah's group. Sunday during Sunday School the kids still participated in a rotation and then they used their made props during the church service. Afterwards, we had a nice church BBQ/hotdog picnic.

I meant to mention the theme, which was "Under Construction" since we are adding on the new youth wing to the building - it was pretty fitting. The kids learned about the crippled man and how Jesus healed him in the crowded building. They demonstrated how the people carried him to the roof and led him down to Jesus. They also learned about Joshua and the stone. The kids made banners with their hand prints and stamps to remember Jesus's helping hands. They also decorated real stones and made a stone wall out of paper bags. The church members inserted prayer cards between the "stones" during church service. They also made a church stained glass window out of their drawings and then covered them with oil. Then, they made a patch for a quilt that will hang in the new youth wing.

singing Jesus Loves Me on the first night

Hannah with her hymnal during the hynm sing along - she actually sat the entire time! Emma was sitting with Mrs. Angie!

singing Mary Had a Baby

The girls had a great time and I was proud of how much they participated. I love seeing them involved in church and knowing that they have been raised and active in church since they were born. We are so happy and in the right place at St. Andrews. There are so many kids and young families and I love how the girls know so many people now. It was a great time had by all.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

First Dentist Appointments

Emma and Hannah both went to the dentist for the first time this week. Hannah, the no worries kind of girl, had no questions, no concerns - just all good with everything. Emma was hesitant, had lots of questions, nervous, but okay with the fact that she had to go. We had read Dora Goes to the Dentist and the Little Critter Just Going to the Dentist to give them an idea of what they would experience.

They both had different dental hygienists working on them and I just sat in the middle. They both did a great job of showing them the tools on their hand before doing something in their mouth. They each explained everything in children terms and were very bubbly and positive about everything.

It cracks me up how Hannah looks like she is at the spa relaxing while Emma's eyes are just a little questionable. She did everything fine, did not cry at all, but you could tell she was nervous as could be.

I was super proud of both of them. They loved their goody bags of princess toothbrushes, princess floss and new toothpaste. The results were as expected - Emma has a tiny mouth with some crowding issues (me) and Hannah has nice spaces between her teeth which will allow for her teeth to grow fine (Haywood family).

 showing Hannah the tools

 love how relaxed she looks here! Of course Lamby had to come with her!

 sucking on the straw thingy

 a check from the dentist 
 showing her sparkly teeth! All done!
 Emma getting checked by the dentist
 Emma's sparkly teeth! All done! 
outside the office with their baggies

Monday, July 16, 2012

Lilly Girl

Another Lilly update - she is doing fabulous. Her spunk is completely back. Bo took her outside to potty the other day and she ran down the outside stairs, went potty, and ran back up the outside stairs - then she looked at Bo like, "oh crap, now they know I really can climb stairs."

Sometimes we really do think that she is loving the attention and not doing things simply because she does not feel like it. She has climbed the inside stairs a few times now too, but you can tell she does not like it.

I have done her vision test in her right eye recently and there has been more response in it, so I think more of her vision has returned in that eye as well. She has also been playing with her treats again, rolling over and throwing her food around before eating it, which was a form of her playing before the accident so I am glad to see that back.

I still cannot believe she is here, let alone see her doing so many things that she used to do. She is one lucky little doggy and we are so lucky she is doing so good.

lazy doggy 

all my girls

love to see her cuddled up on the couch

Weekend in PA

After a week of overcast and rainy weather we were really ready to get out of the house - even the state of VA. After a pedicure on Friday and a brief visit to the pediatrician to have the doctor look over Hannah's eczema, Bo and I were on the road by 12:30 to head to PA.

We have had this date on the calendar for a long time since my dear friend Kristin from college was having her wedding reception. The girls stayed with my mom and dad and got to even have cousin Whitney for a day and night. We got to PA around 7:30. Bo did a great job of booking our hotel to one of the biggest malls on the east coast - King of Prussia - holy heaven!

We met up with Kristin and Ryan that night at Fox and Hound and had a good dinner. Then Bo and I went to a late movie to see Ted - it was so funny!

Since we had all day Saturday free it was perfect timing to spend the day at King of Prussia! Bo was actually a good shopping partner - he went and got a straight razor shave and spent time in his stores, even this Brain Store that he loved with all sorts of brain games. That kept him occupied for awhile. I was focused on fall shopping - clothes for work - lots of printed, tops, and some skirts. We ate lunch at California Pizza Kitchen. We probably covered about 1/2 of that mall - it was so big that there was no way to see it all in one day, especially when you take time to try on clothes and eat lunch. It was so nice though!

Then we got ready for the wedding. Kristin and Ryan had a tent set up in their backyard, catered food was in their glass porch and they had a dance floor that the kids and adults enjoyed. It was very intimate and just what Kristin wanted. The weather was perfect - not too hot and luckily it never rained like it was predicted. Kirby and Sainty came and it had been two years since last seeing them. I also love the Allan family so it was so good to see Kristin's parents, sisters and all of her nieces and nephews.

Sunday we had lunch with Kristin and Ryan and then Bo and I went into Philly to see the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall. It was neat being at such important historical sites.  I wish we had more time to spend there to tour more. 

pic of Philly
Philly baseball stadium
back of Independence Hall

front of Independence Hall
me and the Liberty Bell

 It took about 5-6 hours to get home. The girls were hyped up when we picked them up at mom and dads around 8:00. It was very nice for Bo and I to get away for the weekend - especially when you add in seeing friends, a wedding, great shopping and exploring a city we had never been to. We had a great time. It seems so far that summer has been go, go, go - suitcases, packing, repacking, etc. Things are calming down now. We have appointments coming up for the girls and VBS starting. I am sure summer will fly by before we know it.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A Sad Goodbye

Today was another sad day for our family as my parents' Maltese dog of 13 years passed away today. I remember me and my sister going to my dad's store after school and getting some money from dad. We then drove to meet the breeder off 460 and took her home to surprise my mom on their anniversary. She was our first "real" dog with official AKC papers. I loved her so much it was extremely difficult for me to leave for college. After my cousin died I then got my own Maltese to take back to Elon for some extra love and company. A few years later my sister got her own Maltese too.

We loved having a little lap dog and got very used to her love, snuggling and following us everywhere. I have so many memories of Lacey but I will always remember how all three dogs would chase each other around my parents' entire house in a circle around and around having a blast. They loved each other so much. Lilly was just with my parents and Lacy while we were at the beach and my parents said how much Lacey loved having Lilly with her.

It will be so different walking into my parents' house now. There will definitely be a missing piece. Lacey loved us all, but was my dad's dog for sure. She loved him the most because he never disciplined her and always let her lay right next to his side in her favorite spot on the couch without ever telling her to get down.

Mom noticed her acting differently this morning and knew something was wrong when she would not walk, eat or go outside. Then, she started whining and jerking. Dad came home and as they were driving to the vet she died in my dad's arms. The vet said that she most likely had a stroke or heart attack.

It was been a sad day. My mom and dad have had a hard day burying her by our deck and clearing out her toys, bedding and dishes. I think Lilly and Lola will be looking all over for her next time we are there. I hate my parents have to deal with this after all we have been through this year with the loss of my grandmother and then with Lilly's accident. I know we have had several joys this year but I feel that   as soon as our spirits are lifted recently something else throws us off.

Lacey, you were a great dog. You were protective, playful, funny, loyal and did not ever mind when a new dog or new baby entered your territory. We will miss you so much.

Lola, Lacey, Lilly

 Lacey, Lilly, Lola
 Lacey, Lola, Lilly
Lacey, Lola, Lilly

 Lacey, Lilly, Lola
 Lilly, Lola, Lacey

Lacey and Lilly

Lilly and Lacey
this is how all three dogs looked when we were ever all together at my mom and dads. These dogs worship my dad. They each have their own spot but Lacey always knew she was dads #1. 

Monday, July 9, 2012

July 4th

We were at the beach for July 4th and there were so many little events that I decided to make a separate post.

After the morning at the beach the kids got ready for a 4th of July golf cart parade in the beach community that we were staying. Everyone decorated their golf cart and then drove around the neighborhood. It was super cute and the kids thought it was too cool.

After the parade the kids helped Nana make a yummy flag fruit pizza.

After dinner we fed the turtles and ducks our leftover hamburger and hotdog buns.

And then we went to the beach to watch the fireworks!

 Hannah was waaay hyped up. I said, "you're killing me smalls" to her. She said, "I'm not smalls! Your're killing me!"