Monday, April 26, 2010

Bo's 30th

We celebrated Bo's 30th birthday in Raleigh on April 10th (yes, I am way behind on blogs) with some of his closest friends from his hometown. It was supposed to be a surprise and it was until he figured it out before walking into the restaurant. It was a good crowd, mostly with people grew up with. It was nice to get together since we do not see them very often. The kids did not go to the party. They stayed at Bo's parents house with their cousins, great grandmother and a babysitter. Needless to say, we had a nice time out - kid free! It was fun to spend time with Bo's friends and family.

Bo had had a few in these pics!

Wonderful people and a fantastic group of girls!

On Sunday we enjoyed the day with the cousins together. They had a good time doing an Easter egg hunt. It was a very nice weekend.

Cousins together and I love this picture of Emma looking at that bubble!

Busch Gardens

Over spring break we went to Busch Gardens for the first time with the babies. The trip included me, my sister, mom, aunt, uncle and three cousins. Bo did not want to go - he is not too fond of theme parks but he did have to work! He promises to go this summer - we will see. I was so nervous about taking both of the babies. It was a 90 degree day and was not sure how Emma would respond to rides and the characters. But, she loved the new Sesame Street section at Busch Gardens. She has recently became a big fan of Elmo and Abby. I could not believe how well they both did. Hannah was so laid back and just enjoyed all of the entertainment. Emma took some time to get used to rides, but all in all she had a good day. The best part was the end of the day when we went back to the Sesame Street area. We happened to get there right when the Elmo show started. It was precious and Hannah watched it just as much as Emma. Emma also went to the shop and found an Abby hat that she had to have. She loves hats. It was such a great day. Hannah napped on and off throuhout the day, and Emma passed out around 4:00 when we were strolling back to the parking lot. We had a great day and we have seasons passes for the summer. If any of my friends with little want to go, let us know! I definately recommend the park for kids Emma's age. I also got to ride some rides after two years of not being able to!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Thesis Complete!

This is a huge deal for me! I have been working on this thesis for graduate school since September. The fall semester included forming an idea, gathering research, writing a lit review and the reference page. I also wrote chapters 1, 2 and 3 but did not have them revised until this semester.
Spring semester included revising chapters 1, 2 and 3. Getting the data for the research, reporting the data and writing chapters 4, 5 and the appendix.

There have been many nights of being up until 1AM, going to work on 4 hours of sleep, and then taking care of my family. I have been stressed, somewhat cranky and have been a little frustrated with meeting deadlines WHILE taking another class online.

The professor said at the beginning of the class this semester that "this is something nobody can ever take from you. You will have it forever." Those words kept ringing in my ear (at 1AM) while working. I wanted this so bad. I started the program before I knew I was pregnant with Emma. I want to finish! On April 11th, I found out that my thesis was accepted for publication and that I could bind it and turn it in. Of course, I went to Office Max the next day to put together my final product. I am so excited that it is done! I still have my internship this summer and my comps in the fall. I will be offiically finished after the comps. But, the hardest part (this paper) is over! Here is it - all 72 pages!

The Thickness

More of Emma's words

This child is talking like crazy!

uh oh
night night
I love you
no no
pop pop


We had a wonderful Easter, with the exeption of Emma waking up very cranky and not wanting her picture taken! Hannah loved everything in her Easter basket and of course stuck everything in her little mouth. Emma was more interested in the things Hannah had in her basket. Sunday mornings are always crazy with getting everyone dressed and ready for church. The girls were dressed beautifully in new Feltman Brothers dreses. They were pink (obviously) with flower smocking. We went to chuch, had lunch at mom and dad's with our family, had an egg hunt and went home. I was on spring break the following week and could not wait for some time home with the kids - who were getting better at the time.

Emma's Easter basket: chocolate bunny, M&M's, Mickey/Minnie water pen and book, some Easter books, a smock for arts and crafts, paint, new paintbrush set, a talking Donald Duck, a Minnie and Daisy figure, a Minnie beach towel, a small stuffed animal bunny and a Minnie Pez dispenser and pez candy.

Hannah's Easter basket: a stuff animal lamb, Little People Easter figures, a singing Easter book, stackable cars that sing and light up, Elmo's Pets DVD, and the Here Comes Easter book.

Both kids also got lots of goodies from the grandparents and great grandparents! They had a great day and the weather was perfect!

Sick Kids

This was an interesting month. Here are the documented doctors visits this far for the spring.

March 13th - It all started after my 5K race - Emma, ear infection #6, Patient First (Saturday)
March 27th - Hannah starts coughing at the grocery store
March 29th - Pediatrician, Hannah, cold (virus)= no mediciation!
March 30th - mom calls me at work, Emma - sick/feverish - go to the pediatrician - ear infection #7
March 31st - I stay home from work with two sick kids= no fun at all!
April 1st - back to the pediaitrician with both kids hoping for strep throat/ear infection/something for medication - no meds again - both had a virus with Emma still having an ear infection
April 7th - Hannah's well check/getting better!
April 9th - horrible night with Hannah - thought it was a reaction from the shots - NO - ear infection #1 for Hannah as a result of her horrible cold!

ahhh!! Six pediatrician visits, two sick kids - this has been a month! Hannah is still on medication, which of course upsets her stomach! Emma is going to see an ENT for tubes. When babies are sick, everyone is miserable - it is so hard to make them comfortable and two at the same time is extra, extra difficult. We are finally getting through it! I felt so sad for my little ones and I hate when they are not acting like themselves. It is so pitiful!

Hannah is 6 Months Old!

Hannah was six months old on April 3rd. It is so hard to believe how much she is growing up! She is eating all kinds of baby food now. She loves sweet potatoes, carrots and pears. She likes the green veggies okay, but they are not her favorite! Hannah loves all of the things her big sister loves. She loves Mickey Mouse cartoons and now Elmo and friends. She is also reaching for things that she wants and loves sitting in her play saucer. Her favorite toys are her keys, a crinkly book, a pink monkey that hangs on her carseat and a crinkly butterfly that she loves to play with in the car. Hannah got her first cold on March 27th. She had to fight a bad cough, runny nose and some rough sleeping nights. I felt so bad for her because she was just not her bubbly self for awhile. We went to visit the Easter Bunny on her 6 month birthday! We love you Hannah Boo!