Monday, March 22, 2010

I Like Carrots!

Hannah is still not a fan of green beans, but we tried carrots on Monday, March 22nd. This time, baby food went much better! She loved them!

Cute Pics

Here are some cute pictures taken in some matching spring outfits!

Pretty Toes

Emma's first pedicure - at home with mommy! Our toes match and Emma thought it was so funny, especially when we blew on them to get them to dry. She is so funny when she takes her socks off and looks to see if they are still painted. She says, "pink" and points to her toes. She is going to be such a girly girl and I love it!

So Sweet

I was rushing like crazy to get ready to get the girls' pictures taken on Saturday. Bo was running in an 8K and I was by myself getting them ready. I threw Hannah on our bed while Emma was running around like crazy upstairs while I was getting ready. I gave Hannah her bottle because she can do a pretty good job of feeding herself now. I looked over and this is what I saw. She is just so sweet.

Silly Girl

Moms have stopped and asked me in public, "how do you get your baby to wear a hat?"

I really have no idea. Emma loves her hats. I have always been so paranoid about protecting her little ears from the cold and wind and I am extra protective in the winter due to Emma having so many ear infections.

Now that the weather is so nice, Emma does not understand why she does not need a hat when leaving the house. Her favorite winter hat is her "ruff ruff." It is a precious little doggy hat that is one of her closest friends. She loves this hat so much that she decided to put it on before going to bed one night. She insisted on having this hat on and wore it around the house after her bath and before bed. If my memory serves me correctly, she took it to bed with her. I don't know what she will do now that the weather is warming up!


The past couple of weeks have been sooooo busy! I am in full swing with grad school, two more chapters to go on my thesis, babies are growing and I can finally announce that Bo got a fabulous new job! A recruiting company contacted Bo about a job in medical sales. It was too good to pass up so he is now working for Verathon Medical. He will cover the whole state of Virginia calling on urologists, Family Practictioners and EMT's. Of course all of the training and everything that goes along with a new job falls right in the middle of my grad school work! But, it is okay - we can get through it!

With all that has been going on I have to add in here that I reached my New Year's Resolution Goal of running my first ever race! I ran a 5K on March 13th. Bo ran with me - thank goodness because I hate doing new things alone! He was practicing for the 8K that he ran the next weekend. I was very proud of myself and have found a new interest in running. I am ALMOST at my weight pre-Emma days! Hello size 4!! I love you and the clothes that I get to wear this spring and summer - no maternity bathing suit for me this year!!! I cannot wait to get out, move around, and enjoy fun activities with the babies!

Goal #2: Another 5K in April

Goal #3: Another 5K in May

Then, I want to continue to try for an 8K. We will see!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Disney Movie Rewards

Well, we all know what a huge fan of Mickey Mouse that Emma is, and Hannah is becoming (she is already watching the cartoons). This weekend, Emma had one of her DVD cases - she likes to carry them around just to stare at the picture on the cover. She managed to open it and some papers fell out of it. I was picking up the papers to throw them away and found a paper that said Disney Movie Rewards with a code on it. It said, "enter this magic code to unlock a world of Disney movie rewards." You can get free stuffed animals, DVD's, apparel and other things. So, I went through some of the other movies and they all had this piece of paper with these codes. After I went through all of our Disney movies in the house and in the car, I found thirteen of these reward codes!!! Bo entered them in and sure enough there is some cute stuff you can get! I had no idea and never paid any attention to the little inserts in DVD's. It made me laugh that Emma was the one that brought this to my attention. It made me laugh even more to see how many Disney movies we have already accumulated in 18 months of having children. Just so you know parents - get the codes when you buy these DVD's!

5 months old!

I do not know where the last month has gone. Hannah is already five months old! She is growing so fast and I just love that she is such a happy baby. She loves to watch everything and is grabbing at anything she can touch. She also loves splashing in the bathtub (no more baby bathtub) and kicking her feet. She is eating rice cereal for breakfast and dinner with a little bit of applesauce. I am going to give solid foods more of a try this month since last time did not go too well. But, she is opening her mouth and using the spoon very well. Hannah, unlike myself, is a morning person - just like Bo. She wakes up laughing and smiling - never crying. She likes to play and look around for awhile before she even eats breakfast. Hannah's daily schedule is waking up around 7, eat, play, nap around 10, eat, play, nap around 2, eat, play, nap a short 30 mins around 5, bath at 7, eat cereal, play, drink bottle and out by 8:30. I am so thankful that this baby still continues to sleep through the night - only with one pacifier find around 1AM. She can sit up for a few seconds on her own and is getting very close to rolling over. Here are a few pictures of Hannah in her Easter pajamas and then in her dress after church. We love you Hannah!

By the way, this is my first time using a picnik collage! Isn't it cute?