Thursday, April 18, 2013

Crazy Week!

So, it has been our first week having Bo home again. He had an "at home" week to get adjusted. He had several things delivered from the company this week too. We bought a new desk since we need a personal computer area and his business computer area. He spent a lot of the week setting that up. We also made a big purchase for the girls. It is really an extra part of their Christmas that we did not get at Christmas time. We had to take care of that and get that brought to the house. 

Let's see, we have had dirt delivered this week to fill in a hole in the backyard from my grandparents' old swimming pool. Suffolk Pest Control also came out to do a spring treatment for ants, spiders, etc. I had my van worked on - just needed some simple maintenance. I had my annual eye appointment. The girls have had preschool pictures. Emma had her church singing end of the season party. I had bell practice. And today they had dance class - getting close to recital time! They got their costumes last week!

So, it has been crazy. We have had kids, vehicles, and boxes in all kinds of places.

new desk in the office!

Emma fell asleep in the car on one of our evening ventures 

Hannah leaving Olive Garden on Monday night after running around - crazy kid walked out the restaurant with a breadstick in her mouth like a duck. She was walking funny and just being hilarious. She had the entire entrance of the restaurant laughing at her while they waited to get seated. 

the big purchase for the girls - any guesses? pics to come much, much, later of the final product

So, we finally have our family back under one roof. The laundry has been crazy again, but it has been nice having Bo around to help out with the girls, the schedule and around the house. He still start his regular schedule next week where he will travel 1-2 nights a week most weeks. 

The Circus!

Sunday we went to the Circus for the first time with the girls. Lindsay, Steve and Andy went too. The girls loved the preshow activities. They had all kinds of activities for the kids and circus experiences.

The show was really awesome. I had not been to one of the B&B Circus's in probably 15 years. I went every year as a kid with my cousins and remember it being so cool. I was really surprised with how much Bo and I enjoyed the show - at some points more than the kids. Emma's favorite part was the girl who shot out of the rocket. Hannah's favorite part was the clowns. My favorite part were the performing dogs - they were hilarious.

Later Hannah said, "you know, Colby was in the circus. He was an acrobat!" First of all, no I did not know Colby was at the circus since I cannot see him. Secondly, I had no idea you knew the word "acrobat!"

preshow dancing

Emma trying out a tight rope walk with a performer

up close to the elephants! the elephants painted pictures!

waiting for the show!

awesome performances

hyped up on snow cones, cotton candy and popcorn - and they are wearing their clown hats

always remember this as a kid


Yay for cute spring outfits, shoes and bathing suits! (check out Hannah's poses)

Hello Kitty outfits and Sperry's from Gaga.

new bathing suits from Nana!

new bathing suits courtesy of Gymbucks!

Gaga helped Emma clean her room last Friday - Emma refused to unmake her bed that night

Lilly cuddling with an Izzy Pirate stuffed animal

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Modeling Photos

Here are some pictures from E and H's modeling Session for Connie's Kids. They have been all over her Facebook page.

Spring Break

Spring break started off with a day trip to Busch Gardens. Monday was supposed to be the nicest day of the week and nicer here than at the beach so we decided to spend the day with some friends/family at Busch Gardens. We had such a fun day - Maryanne, AJ, Lauren, Andria, Cole, Amie, Drew, some of Maryanne's family, Joey, Dawn, Kelly, Connor, Colby and some more of my family who were visiting from northern VA - we had a crew! We didn't necessary all stay together the entire day but we met up for lunch and did a few things when we could. It was wonderful to spend the day outside.

Maryanne and her kids joined the van to ride together - we took the ferry so this was a new experience for the kids

Lauren, Hannah, AJ, Emma, Cole

the girls with Kelly and Connor

Drew joined us - love how Cole is hugging Lauren and Emma - best group of kids ever - always getting along

Hannah, Lauren and Emma

Emma and Hannah

Lauren and Emma

Connor, Lauren and Emma

The next morning I packed the van and me the girls were off to Nags Head. We dropped Lilly off at the boarding place right at the beach. We had a great ride over - beautiful day. Our week was pretty cool but sunny. My mom, sister, niece, nephew, grandmother and aunt were already there. We spent time indoors relaxing, playing games, did a little shopping, and hit our favorite places to eat. I started and finished two books and we also finished two 1,000 piece puzzles. It was nice to not have a schedule. The kids did great - little Andy just wants to do whatever the girls are doing. The neighborhood had an awesome park the kids loved too. I always hate crossing that bridge and coming home - but now we can just count down our days to summer break! 

having so much fun

me and my girls

Emma and I loved this double swing

Emma's face as we were pumping high!

Hannah swinging with Lindsay

cool treasure chest in the toy store!

the girls taught Mammie alllll about Sweet Frog!

loving the jacuzzi tub!

mammie reading with the girls

line up, line up, line up everybody! (Bubble Guppies) leaving the restaurant 

Hannah cannot get enough of baby Ella - and Ella thought she was just hilarious