Sunday, May 19, 2013

Dance Recital 2013

The girls' dance recital was this past Friday night, May 17th. It was Emma's second recital and Hannah's first. They did absolutely wonderful. Of course Emma is my serious, every step is perfect dancer and Hannah was more of the carefree, having fun dancer. They both did fabulous. Hannah had the whole audience laughing during ballet when she stepped out of her spot and sort of got in front of the entire row - then she did a curtsy at the end that was just too cute. I was so proud of them. I still can't believe they are on the same stage I danced on. Words cannot describe how precious their entire class looked and how each of them performed so good. It was such a special night for them.

final touch ups

Maryanne took this pic of Hannah - such a mess

getting ready to line up!

good luck girls!!!

tap routine

tap routine

exiting tap

ballet - love their arms! 

ballet - they were doing an "out/in" hop and this is what Hannah did! 

love Hannah's eyes - and see how Emma is so serious!

GREAT JOB girls!!! love them all!

girls with daddy

emma with her second statue

Hannah so excited to get her first statue

Hannah with her statue

Maryanne and me with our girls - Maryanne did 4 of the girls' hair! She is such a wonderful friend. 

girls with cousin Kelly

me and my ballerinas 

Gaga, Pop Pop and girls 

Aunt Connie, Mammie and mom with girls 

Nana and Dadoo came from Raleigh 

Aunt Lindsay and the girls

cute book from Nana and Dadoo

ballerina ornament from mammie

Hannah got her first ballet doll from Gaga and Pop Pop- she has wanted one like Emma's for a year now

snow baby figurine from Gaga and Pop Pop

Hannah's ornament from Mammie

Barbie ballerina from Aunt Lindsay

our dining room - loads of flowers and presents! 

The girls' professional dance pictures 

I can't believe the dance year is over! The countdown to the end of the year is really on! 

Fun with Gaga

This past week the girls had a big day with Gaga - while I was working - btw, testing has started. I am now in charge of all the technology from now until the end of the year. Good thing is, no classes to teach, bad thing is - 140 laptops and about 40 computers to keep up with. There is a test every single day until June 14th except May 28th. So, I am there to put out all technology fires, fix what I can, submit tech requests when i can't fix something, work with the tech to keep things updated and keep all laptops organized for the next day's testing. It is busy, busy and we are only two testing days down.

But, the girls had fun strawberry picking with mom and playing outside in this gorgeous summer weather we have had recently.

Hannah's basket

Emma's basket

wish this was me that day

too cute

really? she is 4. what am i going to do when she is older?

even Lilly had a great day at Gaga's - nothing like relaxing on a screened porch

More Celebrations

Cara's Birthday 
The girls had a friend's birthday party. Bo took them while I got my hair done. It was a fairy birthday. They had a great time.

apparently, Emma thought it was quite funny that she beat her little sister playing musical chairs! 

woo hoo - blonde again for the summer! 

Ms. Cypress Graduates!
My library clerk graduated with her nursing certificate. She invited me to the graduation and I am so glad I was there to see her receive this great accomplishment. Way to go Cypress!!

That same night Bo had the girls - they enjoyed some yummy smores!