Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Moving Up

Hannah moved into the nursery. She way too quickly outgrew her bassinett. It is still in our room, but it will soon make its way back into the attic until there is a possible number three Hamrick. Hannah has slept wonderfully in her crib. She loves to stretch out and she is already moving all over the place in it. She continues to sleep through the night and has even put herself to sleep some. The nursery looks the same except for adding a few of Hannah's wall hangings and pictures.

The Big Girl Room!

The big project over Christmas was to switch the the girls' rooms. Bo worked on Emma's new room before Hannah was born, but she did not move into it until Hannah was ready to go into the nursery. I refused to get another crib so we had to first get the right kind of bedrails. We are teaching Emma to get off of the bed by sliding on her tummy at the bottom. We also have a gate at her door, so if she does get up, then she cannot come downstairs. So far, she has not even attempted getting out on her own. She lays right down, goes right to sleep and will whine when she is awake.

Emma standing in her new room
She loves rolling and turning all over the big bed. There a few toys in her room to keep her busy when I am getting ready or just need to be upstairs. But, her books are usually her favorite things. The dollhouse bookshelf and lamp were part of her Christmas. I also had to move all of her wall hangings from the nursery into her new room. We are very proud of her for adjusting so well to her new room. A part of me was very sad to "make" her grow up so fast and move her out of her nursery. But, this is just what we had to do! She is still a baby - just in a bigger bed!

The many creatues that sleep with Emma

Emma getting a book before bedtime

One of her portraits in her room

Emma's dresser

Rattle Time

Hannah loves holding on to her rattles and shaking them. She loves the colors and noise! Emma likes taking her the rattles too! It is amazing how much Hannah is paying attention to things now and how things are beginning to entertain her. Emma is a FABULOUS entertainer for Hannah. Hannah will sit in her swing and watch Emma run around and play! Even though she is only 16 months old, Emma is a great help sometimes to keep Hannah happy so I can have a few minutes to get things done!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Hannah's Christening Day

Hannah's Christening was on January 10th. It was a very special day. She looked so pretty in the family Christening gown that was from Italy. It has been in my family for over fifty years. I wore it and so did Emma as well as previous family members. It is still in beautiful condition and you really cannot find anything like it today.

Hannah did pretty well during the ceremony. I was more nervous of Emma's behavior, but she did okay. Emma just wanted to hold the bulletin up there. Hannah started to get a little antsy and needed her bottle, but then she calmed down.

My sister in law had introduced me to a beautiful song called "Masterpiece" that I had someone in the choir sing. It was so pretty and a tear jerker. Here are some of the words to it:

"You are a masterpiece, a new creation he has born and your as soft and fresh and a snowy winter's morn. And I'm so glad that God has given you to me, little lamb of God, you are a masterpiece."

The words in this song are so true! Bo and I are so thankful for these babies and I am reminded everyday how lucky I am to be a mom.

The service that Sunday went on to remind us about our own baptismal vows and the whole congregation renewed their baptismal vows that day. We had a luncheon at mom and dad's house afterwards for our family and friends. Hannah got some special gifts like a Christening bib, her crucifix necklace, a Christening bear stuffed animal, a silver cup, picture frames, and a cross that says "Child of God" to hang in her room. It was a very special day.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Emma in the dog bowl

This was just a funny story from the first day I was back at work after winter break. The kids were with my mom at my parents' house. Mom said that Emma was getting into drawers in the kitchen while my mom was peeling some potatoes. She told Emma to stay out of the drawers, so Emma walked around the kitchen table where the doggy bowls of food and water are. Mom went to get her, and Emma decided to try to get away from her. She lost her balance and fell bottom first into the doggy water! My mom said that they both started laughing. Emma thought it was so funny. Mom had to completely change her clothes. They were soaking wet, socks and all and she even had to mop up the floor. What a little mess!

Hannah is 3 months old!

Hannah was 3 months old on January 3rd. She is growing up so much. She still sleeps through the night! She is watching everything Emma does. She is paying a lot of attention to people and loves her mommy! She has puckered her little lip at some people, but not her mommy! She will smile so big - it is just precious! I have loved being on this winter break with her. She is lifting her head so well and holds it up for a very long time. We have also started her sleeping in the crib and so far so good! She seriously only cries when she is hungry or sleepy. I am so lucky. Emma has been very helpful with her. She will get me her pacifier, burb cloth, and bottle if it in the room but not near me. I am really enjoying their ages right now. We are having a lot of fun, but there is never a dull moment around our house!

This was us at my grandmother's 75th birthday party. It was the same day as her 3 month!

New Milestone

I have been working on Emma using her spoon since being on maternity leave. She would try it and then give up on it a lot. Over Christmas break I opened some applesauce for her and had the spoon on the table. She grabbed it, and decided to use it the whole time, hardly making a mess! I was so proud of her! Now she will not me feed her with a spoon at all. She is getting so big! She did this on December 30th.


Christmas was a wonderful time! We spent Christmas Eve with just the four of us. We do presents just from us Christmas Eve to the kids. Christmas morning was a little overwhelming for Emma. My mom, dad, sister and Granny were all there to see Emma wake up. She went to her Mickey Mouse Clubhouse first and to this day the little figures are her favorite part of her Christmas. She loves carrying them around, putting them in her stroller and sticking them on random surfaces in the house. She also got a dollhouse bookshelf for her big girl room and some other little play and bath toys.

Hannah got a toy box and some toys that she can grow to like this year like the Little People Noah's Ark, a play CD player, touch and feel books, and the rolling jungle animal toy.

After Christmas morning we went to my mom and dad's house with Lindsay and Steve and did presents there. Bo and I were surprised with a new tv for our bedroom! I also got a Pandora bracelet with the girls' birthstone charms. The babies got Minnie Mouse blankets with their names on them, which are adorable. Emma got a Barbie four wheeler and the Little People Amusement Park. They both a lot of cute little things.

After that we went to my uncle's house to be with the whole family of my mom's side. We are very rushed and eat a quick lunch, exchange polyanna's, open presents from my grandmother and presents for the babies from my aunts and uncles and then we have to leave early to hit the road to Raleigh.

It got very rainy and ugly so we had a rough ride down, but the girls slept! We did Christmas night and through the weekend at Bo's parents, his sister, brother in law and our niece and nephew.

Christmas is always rushed and crazy. I love how we get to be with so many people that we care about. It was very special to have my grandmother with us this year. It was also special to have Hannah's first Christmas and to see Emma so into it this year.

Our house was a disaster after returning from Raleigh. I had to clear a lot of space. The tree was taken down the day we got back - the 27th. I needed the toy corner back in our family room. We also completed the room switch so things were easily put into each baby's room.

What a wonderful Christmas that we got to spend with those that we love.