Sunday, September 30, 2012

Week of Sept. 24, 2012

Sweet - I am actually on schedule for blogging.

This past week was ....shocker.... crazy.

Literally, something every day this week. Monday we had a staff meeting, Tuesday I gave another Interwrite Tablet In Service since the other one went so well. Wednesday Bo spent the entire day at church with another Sunday School member cooking for Kirk Night. The two of them did everything - fried beef tenderloin, cheese potatoes, green beans, grilled chicken for those who did not want the pork and then a strawberry dessert and brownies. Everyone said that night was the best Kirk Night dinner they had every had. Even at church today people were still talking about how good it was - that everyone else is going to have a hard time beating our class. I was very proud of him for stepping up, getting the food and cooking all of it. He was exhausted at the end of the night. Thursday the girls had picture day at school and of course dance class. Friday I had a dental cleaning after work and mom just came to visit with Lucy that evening to show me some clothes she got the girls. We did not end up closing on the house as planned - of course the bank did not have everything ready in time so we will just wait for the call this week. 

Saturday was a day we had planned since July. My friend received an e-mail in July for presale Disney on Ice tickets so we got really, really good seats. They had been so excited all week long. Maryanne and her daughter Lauren met us at our house, we went to Krispy Kreme for breakfast and then over to the Hampton Coliseum around 10:00. By the time we put their princess dresses on over their clothes in the car, got in, looked at souvenirs, went to the bathroom and found our seats we only had about 10 minutes until it started. In that short time we also found our other dance friend and out of that entire place they were just a few seats down from us. The show was actually much better than I was expecting. I did not think I was going to like the theme with the "Rock N Ever After" I thought it would be a lot of rock music or something - but it wasn't at all. It was just adorable and in true Disney fashion the music, effects, costumes, etc were just wonderful. The show had Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy as hosts and then they had Pinochio, the step sisters from Cinderella and then the longer highlights like Little Mermaid, Tangled, Brave and Beauty and the Beast. We had not seen Brave so I was also a little skeptical of that but actually enjoyed it a lot - the music was great and now I really want to see the movie. The girls were just wonderful - loved the entire show, especially Gaston and Belle. At intermission Hannah wanted popcorn and Emma wanted cotton candy. After the show we all went to eat at Cracker Barrell and then we went to City Center across the street and went to Gymboree to spend Gymbucks. We walked around awhile and before we realized it was almost 6:00 so we headed back. The Chuckatuck fish fry was also that night so Dad picked us up some plates and we went to eat our plates at mom and dads.

Today at church Emma had her first music makers performance. This is what they practice every Wednesday at Kirk night. First they played the chimes and then they sang a song. It was really cute. I am so proud of her for singing in front of the whole church and it just melts my heart when I see her sing praises to God. After church Bo helped Dad a lot in the store that is being redone. The girls and I ran to Wal Mart for a few things and then i spent the afternoon switching summer/fall wardrobes for the girls. Before that I had caught Hannah at my mom's piano playing and singing Jesus Loves Me. I just love it - especially that high pitched "me" part!

ringing their bells

singing "I'm Singing Your Praise, Lord"

children's message time - so many kids couldn't get them all in
Hannah took Peppa Pig to children's message

We had a great weekend for sure but I am still exhausted. Here comes another full week!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Sept. 17-24

No pictures this week - but still busy.

September 17th
First day of classes - GREAT day at work! Also, first media liason meeting after school. Also got a flat tire - fabulous. Thanks to Bo for rescuing me that day.

September 18th 
All ready to run errands after school but had horrible weather threatening our area - tornado watches ALL day. I was advised not to go anywhere. Of course it barely even rained so I felt like I wasted an entire night.

September 19th
Great day at work - did an Interwrite Tablet training after school for teachers needing some tips on how to use the technology in our building. Went straight from work to Kirk night at church - had yummy lasagna and it was the biggest turnout ever for Kirk night. We saw lots of friends and enjoyed the evening. Plus - my bell ringing is getting pretty good!

September 20th
After school was dance class for the girls. Then Maryanne and I went shopping because I had to get some birthday presents. We had a nice night although we were closing the mall. It was nice to actually look around in nice stores without little hands reaching everywhere or bumping into things with the stroller. I love my girls - but it was great shopping that night. I was in a hurry, we had things to accomplish and having Maryanne for company that night was perfect - thank goodness for good friends.

September 21st
FRIDAY! Bo had to work all day at the old house fixing repairs the inspector caught. After we were all home we hit the road for Raleigh and spent the weekend there. We mainly just hung out, ate a great dinner and celebrated birthdays from August to October. On Sunday we had a baby shower for one of Bo's friends from home. We got home around 6:30 and got prepared for another week.

Now - up to date and time to watch Mike and Molly - FINALLY good tv is coming back!

Sept 10-16

Gosh, I don't think I have ever been this far behind! All I can say is life is crazy being a working mom, keeping up with two kids on two schedules now and everything in between.

September 10th 
The Monday after the girls' party was Emma's four year well check. I had warned her she was getting shots and thats just what happens when you turn four. If you want to go to preschool then you have to have your shots. I woke her up and she was fine. She got dressed, shoes on, hair done, ready go to. I thought I would be dragging her out of bed. We got there and she walked right in, got weighed, etc. Still - I was waiting for the breakdown. The doctor checked her out, we did her checklist, she got her vision and hearing screening and then we had to wait for the nurse to come in with the shots. I thought for sure she would meltdown when she saw them. She surprised me so much just staying calm and waiting. First she got her flu mist - she did great. Then the nurse had to prick her finger - she didn't shed a tear. was shot time. The nurse was so good with her and promised her prizes when she was done. She told Emma she would be fast and it will be all over. I held her close in my lap and she had her arms wrapped around me and I told her to just close her eyes and keep her head on my chest. She tightened up and the nurse did the first two in one leg - no crying - we told her she was halfway done - I was waiting for the screaming and nothing. The nurse did the other two and she was done. I could not believe the child did not scream and cry. She was a little teary at the end but never actually cried. She did FANTASTIC. I could not believe how well she held herself together. I cannot tell you how proud I was of her. I told her she could pick where she wanted dinner and after I got home from work we would go. My mom met me at the doctor office to pick her up so i could go to work. Mom could not even believe how good she looked - not sad, not upset - she got her a pencil and a stamp from the nurse's toy chest and she was just fine. Of course the place she picked to eat was Chuck E Cheese. At the end of the evening she did say her leg was hurting so we gave her some Tylenol. The next morning she never said a word about it and went to preschool just fine! She has always been my more difficult child at the doctor and I expected the worse. She really surprised me and I think it was because we have talked about it a lot - even early this summer she knew she had her appointment and that she was getting shots. Whatever it was - I am glad we had the experience we did.

September 12th
That week included our first church Kirk night - dinner at church and then we have breakout sessions. I am playing handbells! It is really fun and brings back a lot of my flute playing skills from high school. Emma goes to her choir and kid handbell practice. Hannah is still in her play group and Bo has a "social group." It is very nice - takes our minds off a lot, lets us socialize with our friends during the week and it is just nice to be in a church setting in the middle of the week. We have not done it before because Emma has just reached the age to be involved and not just have both girls in a play group so we are all getting more out of it and we are really enjoying it.

This was my last planning week in the library before getting kids so I took a lot of time finalizing some details for the year. I have an author visit planned, a reptile guy coming in January, a farmer coming to read some agriculture books, fire safety week is planned with the local firetruck and smoke house coming, and I have ordered about $700 in new books. I am much more confident in myself this year and my position. I have already held two in services for administration and the year has barely started. One was for guided reading and the other was for my library procedures and how to use our electronic catalog, blog, laptop schedule, and ebooks. I have even reached out to PTA to get the teachers some more headphones, listening centers and a computer program that our district did not renew. I think I am on the ball so far and loving every minute!

September 13th
Thursday was a big day for Hannah Boo because it was her first dance class! Of course she strutted herself right in. Mrs. Nancy gave her a spot. I was taking her picture and she looked at me and said, "you can leave now." My friend MaryAnne was cracking up - that is so Hannah. She was fine and Mrs. Nancy said she did a great job. Emma was very happy to have her in class with her and kept saying she would help her and show her where to put her bag!

these kiddos are too adorable - so glad they are all together again

September 15th
At the end of the week I was busy preparing for my sister's baby shower and the first hosting event in the new house. I was super excited to finally use our china and silver since it has been in the attic of our old house for the past four years. Lindsay had a very nice shower and we had lots of family and her friends here.
 Lindsay with her cake and yummy food (in my new dining room!)

 lots of presents and the girls loved helping
serving punch
mom, Lindsay and me
Steve brought Andy at the end so they were hanging out while we cleaned

September 16th
After a very tiring week it was time for some family fun so we took the girls to the Isle of Wight fair. I have not been to this fair since I was in high school, but we thought it would be fun and give us something to do. We walked around and let Hannah see the sheep. We caught the alligator show, ate some BBQ, played some games - oh and we won another fish! So, we have another pet and Peanut has a roommate! The girls had to have some cotton candy and we headed out. We had to stop by the grocery store to get Emma's school snacks - she was snack helper the next week. 

Hannah's love for sheep just keeps getting stronger. I brought her every sheep book home from my library and we have read a lot. I love how she can point out the fiction vs. non fiction. When we saw the sheep at the fair I pointed out that some had their hair and some had short haircuts. She said, "yeah mommy, but it does not hurt." She remembered from the book that the shears do not hurt them - so sweet. 

What a busy week - I think this is so redundant. Every week seems this crazy these days. 

Sorry for typos - I am in a hurry to watch Mike and Molly!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Princess Party

This weekend we had the girls' joint birthday party. We had it at our church because of our big family and so many more kids this year. It turned out really cute. Courtney, Whitney and Kelly did the girls' makeup and nails. The boys made pirate eye patches and played with swords and the girls decorated tiaras and wands.

After lunch they went outside to find the treasure, which had all of their favors in it. We had yummy cake and ice cream and then the girls opened their presents. They got so much stuff - princess costumes, purses, lip gloss, Peppa Pig toys, princess books, fall outfits, bike helmets and so much more.

They had a blast and it was really nice having one party. We did sing Happy Birthday separately though!

First Days of School

Well, I can surely feel that we are back into the school year and staying busy. Of course when you think things are going just perfect, the door swings the other way. Bo's new job turned out not to be what we were told, so he is waiting to hear from another local company and hopefully we will have good news soon. The house situation is still great and we have settled more into the new house and loving it more and more. I have had a great start to the year. I have already planned an author visit, farmer and reptile guy to come to our school. Book Fairs are planned, new materials are ordered and fire safety week is ready to roll. I have enjoyed my extra time for this planning and I will start having classes on the 17th.

Emma's first day of school was September 5th. She was pumped to go and HAD to wear her Mary Poppins dress - obviously. This year she is a green frog! She is not with all of the kids from last year because some are going three days and some are going four, but the classes do merge for an hour each day so she is still around some of her buddies from last year. The first day of school she came home with papers that said they read The Kissing Hand and a Franklin book. She got a stamp for good behavior and a certificate saying she had a great first day of school.

Hannah started the next day. She HAD to wear her lamby dress! She is in the brown bear class that Emma was in last year so we are very comfortable with her teacher and class. I am very curious to see how Hannah handles preschool. She sort of think she owns the place since she was so involved last year and it is her Sunday School class - and then you add in her personality! Oh my goodness - good luck Ms. Piper! Hannah had to get pictures together for her homework and take them to school for her All About Me wall. I know she will have a great year!