Saturday, January 29, 2011

January Recap

So, I have obviously taken some time off from blogging as well as Facebook. This month has been busy. Bo has been out of town a lot and we have all been sick. I am so ready for January to move out of here and I would love some spring weather to start. We have been so hesitant to even do a lot because we don't want the kids in and out so much. So, we have not done too much this cold, wintry month, but here are a few highlights.

January 3-10 - these weekdays I served my first jury duty for a whole week. I was selected from 50 people to be one of 12 to sit on a criminal case. To say the least, it was interesting and I did learn a lot. However, I was out of school the whole week and the following Monday right after Christmas break. So, I was very anxious to get back to work. We did have a good group of jurors. I enjoyed meeting some new people and having lunch out each day. But, it definately gave me a reality check of how much I enjoy my job and how much I missed it while having to do my "civic duty."

January 8th - My Aunt Lerelene turned 80 and her children gave her a nice party. Emma and Hannah looked so precious in their new outfits they got for Christmas.

Aunt Lerlene playing with the girls
my precious Hannah
me with my hands full
Courtney and Hannah
Bo and Emma

Somewhere in the middle- Here are some pictures of the girls spending the day with Gaga making Valentine crafts and playing under the table.

Saturdays - A lazy Saturday morning watching cartoons on their beanbags from Santa. These pics were from 12/30, but this is what the girls do pretty much every Saturday morning.

January 17th - I had the day off for MLK Day. We did not do a lot since it is just cold. Actually, I was the one not feeling too well, so I went to the doctor and got a wonderful Z-Pack help me. After the doctor my mom and the girls met my sister and nephew for some lunch and a little shopping/returning/use Gymbucks. I didn't stay too long because I wanted everyone home for naps. Although I was not feeling too well, it was nice to have the day off.

January 18th - Meds had not kicked in at all. I was feeling worse but went to work. That night Bo took care of the kids while I went to bed at 6:30. I had a horrible migraine on top of not feeling well. Bo took advantage of having the kids to himself and was teaching Emma Tarheel cheers. He put a video on facebook that is really funny. Since it is basketball season we are constantly Duke vs. Carolina around here.

January 20th - 24th - Hannah was sick with strep. Bo was sick with sinus/upper resp. infection. Emma was sick with upper resp. infection. So.....all four of us were on antibiotics within a week. I can't complain too much. Since the girls had their tubes put in last summer we have not had one fever or one antibiotic in this house. I guess it is just that time of year.

January 24th - Bo's mom came into town and let us go out for the night with some friends to The Melting Pot. We had not been there since our anniversary so it was soooooo good. We were there for three hours and we closed the place down. It was a very nice night - we just wanted to celebrate a Monday!

January 28th - It was Friday and Bo and decided to take the girls separately out. Bo and Emma went to see my cousin's basketball game. Hannah and I went to Target. They both were wonderful and I think it was good for them to have some time by themselves getting full attention from either mommy or daddy. Bo said Emma loved the game. She didn't get home until 10:30 and came in talking about it. Hannah was the best little shopper and let me look and take my time for once. Then she came home and played and enjoyed her bath by herself. I took some pictures and video of her just by herself.

I can't get the darn video to load - any advice/help on this would be great!

January 29th - Which brings us to today. This morning I have about five thousand loads of laundry to do. Emma has been busy playing the I-Pad. She loves it. Bo has a whole page of Emma apps that she does games on like matching, letter ID, shape ID, color ID, tracing letters, etc. She can work the I-Pad independently and we let her play with it by herself. This morning Bo was showing her something new that he found for her. Then, she went back to her favorite app - Barney. Tonight Bo and I are going out to a Vegas Night to support my cousins' school. It should be a lot of fun. Tomorrow we have a big day too. I will post separately on that! Have a nice Saturday! The temperature is already warming up here!