Friday, June 7, 2013

This and That

The kids having a blast at Gaga's house!

Andy being a boy

Hannah's shirt from preschool. Her hand is the Octopus and the rest of the class has their thumbprints!

This lizard is INSIDE the house!! I was going crazy trying to figure out what to do! All of a sudden it just shot out under the door!

Emma was eating strawberry shortcake at moms and she talked mom into giving her some whipped cream on a spoon - silly girl.

Hannah had gathered all of her lambies - she has so many!

I took this pic of Lilly on the one year mark of her accident last year. I am so glad she has recovered the way she has - she is a little miracle doggy and is more spoiled than ever. 

Emma woke up, and was out again in my bed while I was getting ready!

These little guys are still it was time to get them a bigger tank. They were still in the 1.5 gallon tank. It was too little and I was changing the filter literally every week. I was over it. These guys better keep on enjoying life after upgrading their living environment. 

AND.....this will be our home for a lovely 8 days in about two weeks. I am not going to lie - things have been a little rough around here this early spring. Many things have been tested. Bo and I want to do a family vacation - just the 4 of us. We have done little weekend things together, but nothing this big. The girls are super excited. We have a countdown chain in our kitchen and each morning they remove a link from their chain. This is the newest and biggest ship in the Carnival line. It has everything. We are going to Grand Turk, Tortola British Islands, Puerto Rico and St. Thomas. We are flying to Miami and spending one night there just so we don't have to travel all in one day.  We thought some positive energy and excitement would really be something to boost our spirits. Things are good and we are really looking foward to this time together. 

Memorial Day Weekend

The weather was not at all like I am used to for Memorial Day weekend. Usually we are at the pool or beach. It was a bit to chilly Saturday and Sunday. Saturday night was Hunter's graduation party. (I am still waiting on pics from my aunt). We had a blast. Buster made his BBQ. We had drinks, music, lots of family/friends and corn hole- it was a nice night.

Whitney and Lindsay 

Whitney and Hannah dancing on the deck

Saturday we pretty much chilled at home. Bo bought me my Mother's Day patio furniture. We then decided to have a last minute cookout. It is funny how things that are unplanned usually end up being the best nights. Maryanne and Adam came with the kids, Jenny Lynne brought the boys, Mom and Dad stopped by and Lindsay brought Andy and Ella. 

this is the old table - should had taken a pic of the new furniture  - oops.

love this!

baby Ella getting so big!

Brayden enjoying his cupcake!

yummy smores

Lauren and Hannah

Monday the weather was  PERFECT. We went to Maryanne's for the entire day. The kids swam in their little pool and then we cooked out with them. 

snack time - Hannah, Emma, Cole, Lauren, Ryan

Hannah and AJ

It was a nice weekend. I think we ate way too much but we had lots of fun.

Preschool End of Year Festivities

The girls have had a blast finishing this year of preschool. I could not have been more pleased with their teachers and the children that they spent time with this year.

Hannah had a pajama and pancake day where she insisted on wearing her "Stompies" - her teacher got a kick out of them!

They also had a carnival. Mom took them and enjoyed the day with them - games, jump house, snacks, prizes, petting zoo - I think all three were worn out after that day. Hannah won a stuffed Beanie Baby Lamby - of course he is her new favorite lamb. Mom said that Emma would not stay out of the Jump House.  Mom said she just loved it.

Their end of year parties were ice cream/luau parties. They were on two separate days so Hannah got to enjoy Emma's party too since mom was helping with that party. I had to save my days for the end of year program and it was a struggle to get off of work to leave testing even for that one day.

Hannah's ice cream party 

everyone else was ready to play - Hannah preferred to finish her ice cream!

Emma's ice cream party the next day 

Emma's class plus Hannah

Finally, they had their end of year program. It is always a Patriotic theme so they had the perfect little dresses. They both did fabulous - they stood on stage, sang their songs and did a great job. I am always so proud of them for doing the "big girl" thing. They have never got in front of people and acted ridiculous on stage. Some kids shout out, leave the stage, pull up their dresses/shirts, cry - really, I have never had to deal with this and it makes me proud that my kids can actually get on stage and do what they are supposed to do. I cannot believe they are done for the year. Although Emma will be five in August, she is going to do a transitional year of preschool four days a week. She is ready for kindergarten, but I am not. I think another year for her to grow is healthy and we would rather her be the oldest in her class than the youngest. Hannah will also go four days a week as well although she will stay with her age group.

last day picture!

last day picture!

growing so fast! 

Hannah's class

yea Hannah!

Emma's age group

so proud of you!

Hannah's teacher Ms. Piper and assistant Mrs. Haverty - Emma totally photo bombed the picture - we were all laughing like crazy how she jumped in - Ms. Piper will always be her teacher too!

Ms. Plumeau and Emma - one amazing teacher

me and my girlies

family pic

mom brought Andy to see them sing in the program

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Dance Recital 2013

The girls' dance recital was this past Friday night, May 17th. It was Emma's second recital and Hannah's first. They did absolutely wonderful. Of course Emma is my serious, every step is perfect dancer and Hannah was more of the carefree, having fun dancer. They both did fabulous. Hannah had the whole audience laughing during ballet when she stepped out of her spot and sort of got in front of the entire row - then she did a curtsy at the end that was just too cute. I was so proud of them. I still can't believe they are on the same stage I danced on. Words cannot describe how precious their entire class looked and how each of them performed so good. It was such a special night for them.

final touch ups

Maryanne took this pic of Hannah - such a mess

getting ready to line up!

good luck girls!!!

tap routine

tap routine

exiting tap

ballet - love their arms! 

ballet - they were doing an "out/in" hop and this is what Hannah did! 

love Hannah's eyes - and see how Emma is so serious!

GREAT JOB girls!!! love them all!

girls with daddy

emma with her second statue

Hannah so excited to get her first statue

Hannah with her statue

Maryanne and me with our girls - Maryanne did 4 of the girls' hair! She is such a wonderful friend. 

girls with cousin Kelly

me and my ballerinas 

Gaga, Pop Pop and girls 

Aunt Connie, Mammie and mom with girls 

Nana and Dadoo came from Raleigh 

Aunt Lindsay and the girls

cute book from Nana and Dadoo

ballerina ornament from mammie

Hannah got her first ballet doll from Gaga and Pop Pop- she has wanted one like Emma's for a year now

snow baby figurine from Gaga and Pop Pop

Hannah's ornament from Mammie

Barbie ballerina from Aunt Lindsay

our dining room - loads of flowers and presents! 

The girls' professional dance pictures 

I can't believe the dance year is over! The countdown to the end of the year is really on!