Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Day!!

Emma and Hannah had a very nice Christmas from Santa. We had to actually wake them up at 7:30 because we had to get our day going. They were very shocked and quiet when they went downstairs. They sort of just stared at everything. Then, they started to get into "play" mode. One of the first things they did was dig through their stockings. They had movies, books, a princess candy cane, sucker, little dolls, Angelina Ballerina stuffed animals, cups, Cinderella light up necklaces, boo boo packs, and Dora figures. Their main presents were their Loving Family doll houses with the furniture and vans, and pink leap pads with games and cases. Hannah also got the travel Minnie Mouse House, the My First Cinderella doll, the baby Belle doll and the princess CD player. Emma also got a pink Fijit, My First Belle doll, baby Cinderella doll, and ice cream play doh. They also got diaper bags for all of these new baby dolls! whew!

Emma's side
Hannah's house
learning the leap pad
Gaga came to see what Santa brought
me and my Hannah Boo
enjoying her house
oh yeah, forgot the princess tiaras

We had time to clean up, dress, pack the car and get ready to go to Buster's house for family lunch. We had a quick bite to eat and then opened presents from aunts, uncles and cousins. Here the girls got bride princess sets from aunt Connie and uncle Gary, blankets from buster and annette and Madame Alexander dolls from Mammie.

At 2:45 we were on the road to Raleigh to complete our Christmas Day and following days with Bo's family. Here the girls got a princess castle, princess carriage, rolling luggage to match the bags they got last year, princess pajamas, ornaments, fairy outfits, memory, and a princess cash register! How many times have I typed the word "princess?"
We had dinner and then a birthday cake for Baby Jesus.

the girls and Mawmaw
showing the fijit
Happy Birthday baby Jesus! You are the true meaning to this day!

Christmas Eve

We had Christmas Eve lunch with my dad's side of the family at my Granny's house. Due to her health we basically took all of the food there. She was too sick to get around, cook, etc. Aside from the kitchen oven almost catching fire, everything was great! We gave precious Adair a very annoying present to get back at the 100 piece food set that was given to emma for her birthday. She loved it!!!! We also gave Granny the pictures that we had taken of the grandkids and great grandkids. She was emotional seeing them, which made me very sad. Although we got some great pictures of her, she was not feeling well the entire time. It is very hard seeing her health decline. I am glad we had this time with her.

the kiddos
the girls with Gigi
love this of me and Granny
Adair playing with her popper

Emma and Hannah both got puppy zhu zhu pets from Robby, April and Adair. They also got the Toy Story DVD. Granny gave Emma a cupcake play food set and Hannah got an adorable wooden tea set with tea bags and sugar cubes.

After Granny's we went to mom and dad's, which was very different since we always go to their house Christmas morning. However, dad and Steve both had to work Christmas Day. We also had more time to open presents and to eat dinner, so it was very nice. Emma and Hannah both got some cute clothes, boots, shoes, the Popsicle Baby doll, scooters, remote control "girly" cars, and spring coats from mom and dad. Lindsay, Steve and Andy gave the very annoying bells, like the ones that are played in church, and a Melissa and Doug instrument set - thank you so much (insert sarcasm.)

baby doll
they loved these shoes and had to wear them immediately

remote control cars
handprints for Gaga and PopPop

After dinner, we went home, unpacked, got bath time over with, etc. Then, we gave the girls their presents from us and from each other. They each got some new books, a princess Barbie doll and something for their room. Hannah got a new wall hanging and the princess Belle. Emma got a new carpet for her room, which she loved!! She also got princess Cinderella. Hannah gave Emma a princess book with an "IPOD" that played music with the story. Emma gave Hannah the travel water doodle that she loves so much of Emma's. So, now we have two in the car. We then went outside to sprinkle our reindeer food from Buddy on the yard. We tracked Santa on the computer and the kids were o-u-t!

so cute
princess book
Hannah's wall hanging
Santa was in South America

Friday, December 23, 2011

Family Party

Last night was our family party with the whole family. We are so big that we have to have the gathering in a church social hall. My grandmother is one of four siblings, so the family extends from those four sisters. We always have lots of food, including my Aunt Shelby's famous chocolate cream cake - yum! Then, the children always do some performing/entertaining. Emma and Hannah danced the twelve days of Christmas while Courtney and Whitney sang. Then, after finally getting the courage, Emma also sang in the microphone "Deck the Halls." This was a huge improvement from last year since neither of them did anything last year. Santa also stopped by and gave some presents to the children. The adults then played our gift exchange game, which was a "left and right" game this year. It was one of the longest parties I can remember having. It lasted from 6 and we didn't leave until almost 10. We are surely a diverse group of people and we have grown so much that it is impossible to have everyone together at one time aside from this night. So, it is always nice to catch up with extended family and enjoy our time while we have it.

our "cheese" faces
kids in the front waiting to perform
dancing The Twelve Days of Christmas
solo performance
Gaga's babies
Santa and Hannah
Santa and Emma
helping the girls open their presents
the four sisters - two still have their husbands

These last three pictures are just the semi circle in front me - I could not get everyone in a picture
If my count was accurate - 69 people were there last night!