Saturday, February 19, 2011

Typical Night

Just a few pics of a typical weeknight. After bathtime the kids come downstairs for a snack. Emma wanted to play the IPad and Hannah was entertaining herself with a ball.

She got the basket out of the laundry room and started throwing the ball in it
then she kept sitting on the ball and falling off and laughing

Friday, February 18, 2011

Valentines Day

The four of us celebrated Valentines Day all last weekend. On Saturday we went out to eat at Olive Garden with just the four of us. We gave out presents on the 13th (sunday) after the girls got up from their naps. We wanted to spend time watching them with all of their presents since we would be working Monday. Of course they were into the presents. They got new videos, books, cups, plates, "sing a ma jigs," spring shirts, bubble bath, Crayola wonder color markers and books, and then Hannah got a new small stuffed Elmo and Emma got a Minnie Mouse keychain. I loved thier cards - Elmo cards that say, " Elmo Loves You!" when you open them.

Bo gave me a lovely Valentine special edition Chamalia bracelet with charms. He insisted I had it that night because he wanted me to wear it all of the actual Valentines Day.

Emma opening her present
Hannah looking at her Cookie Monster movie
Hannah playing with the sing-a-ma jig
Emma coloring with her new color wonder

On the 14th the girls went to mom and dad's house. They then gave them more Valentine surprises. Bo's parents had already given them their gifts at a previous visit. Bo was running late that evening so mom just cooked dinner for everyone and Lindsay and baby Andy came over too. Bo joined us when he got into town and we just spent some time at mom and dad's.

We had a nice Valentines weekend/day although I still feel just as loved any other day of the year!

Duke, Duke, Duke!

My order got a little mixed up here - but these pictures were taken the night of the Duke vs. UNC game - February 9th. Bo was out of town and I needed to get him back from the video he took of Emma and put on facebook, so we all dressed in our Duke outfits and posted them on facebook for Bo to see while he was out of town! UNC gave us a big scare the first half, but Duke pulled through for the win! Emma and Hannah say, "Duke, Duke, Duke!!"

my Duke girls
the grandkids
me and the girls
Emma running over Ramses
Hannah flushing Ramses

Pretty Girls

We had a wonderful morning at church last Sunday. Emma sat in the "big church" again and did great. My little cousin Kelly does a great job of entertaining her with crayons and small, quiet toys in church. Emma will stand up and pretend to sing when we sing. We ate lunch afterwards for second Sunday lunch and all of the kids were running around after eating having such a good time. We decided to stop by mom and dad's on the way home. While driving, Emma said, "church is fun!" I thought that was so sweet. Hannah Boo still goes to the nursery and plays but she had fun with all of the kids after eating lunch too. They looked so pretty today - here are some pictures of them at mom and dad's.

Friday, February 11, 2011

And Now.....Asthma!

Not as exciting as my title seems, but really I was prepared for this. The doctors and other moms of children with food allergies and eczema have told me that I would be very lucky if asthma did not follow. It normally goes hand and hand. Well.... I posted earlier in January how sick the girls had been. Emma has healed right up (honestly, I gave her some cold/cough medicine too but it certainly helped). I also gave a few doses to Hannah Boo but it was not helping. She was coughing so much in her sleep and it has seemed to get worse this past week. It just sounded like a different cough to me. I have been around children enough in my profession to know what an asthmatic cough sounds like. The more I heard Hannah it just sounded like it. She was also not getting better where Emma was. Then, I started to get nervous that if it were asthma I would have nothing to help her breathe. So, we went back to the doctor today. I told her all of my concerns and how Hannah had strep a few weeks ago but has just not healed and how familiar her cough sounded to me. She listened to Hannah very carefully and said that she was taking very short breaths and she wanted to give her a breathing treatment. So, I had both kids in the dr. office and they were both crying through the whole treatment. Emma thought Hannah was hurt and I had to keep telling her that it was not hurting Hannah. She understood and then she would cry and say, "Naaannaa Booo." She is very sensative when it comes to Hannah being hurt or upset. Anyway, we got through it. The dr. listened to Hannah after the treament and heard a big difference. She said that coughing was her form of "wheezing."
So, now we have an inhaler. We have to give it to her three times a day for at least two weeks. Hopefully by then the cough will subside and then the cold will get better. Then, we can reduce the inhaler more and more. She said that the strep Hannnah had possibly set all of this off. What a day! After the doctor it was time for some Chick Fil A and retail therapy. I had to pick up an order from a jewelry store so mom and I took the girls out while Bo was traveling home. We went to Gymboree for some cute summer stuff and Calvin Klein has the more gorgeous dress line I have ever seen - three new dresses for me!
I feel so good that I have had good advice from doctors and other moms dealing with all that Hannah has going on . I also feel good for trusting my instinct and not waiting this out any longer. I am glad I have the inhaler to help her get better and for when she may have some type of emergency - especially with seasonal allergies around the corner. Bo and I talked tonight that we will definately be those parents who will know the school nurse very well when Hannah goes to school. She will have so many things that stay in the nurses office and I will be that paranoid mom that makes sure everyone knows about her conditions! Hey - I will do whatever it takes to make her as safe and healthy as possible. We love you sweet Hannah.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Past 24 Hours

Yesterday my nephew Andy was taken to CHKD because he had been crying out in pain every time he eats. While having lunch for my dad's birthday yesterday he did it again and it really upset my sister seeing him in so much pain. It had been going on for almost two weeks and he would jerk his entire body after taking a few sips of his bottle and then proceed to scream. My girls never did that and it was so sad to watch him as you could tell he something was hurting him. So, my mom and sister took him to the hospital since my brother in law was on duty. After about six hours they diagnosed him with acid reflux. The doctor even saw one of his little "fits" and now he is on acid reflux medication. We are so thankful that that is all it is and hopefully the medicine will work for him soon so he can enjoy eating! Here is a picture of my sweet nephew.

Today my mom gets a phone call from my dad that their dog was not walking and she was crying out in pain. When my mom left my house from watching the girls she called and said things were not looking good. She is 12 years old and we know that she is well into her dog years. But, it was not expected at all that we would need to put her down on this particular day. mom took her to the vet and she just began walking better. She had x-rays and the doctor said she does have an inflamed spot on her spine and they need to watch her jumping off furniture, climbing stairs and playing with the other dogs. So, Lacey got to go back home! She is a sweet dog and I remember getting her as a junior in high school. My dad gave me and my sister the money to pick the dog up from the breeder and surprise my mom for their anniversary. I missed that dog so much in college that senior year before graduating I got a maltese of my own. I just wanted to write a little something in honor or Lacey. We love her and she is so much part of our family although other doggies and now children have come since her. We love you Lacey!!
Lacey is the oldest dog - the far right, Lilly in the middle and Lola on the left

Lastly..............Bo's company trip this year is to Vegas for their yearly sales meeting. I mean... teachers just do not get this type of opportunity - how unfair! Couldn't you see a great teacher conference in Vegas, Miami, Orlando, LA - heck even Charlotte!! That would be so nice! So, after doing my share of complaining Bo said to just go with him, but that he did not feel comfortable with me being alone all day while he was in meetings. So, my mom is coming too! It is perfect - he will be in meetings all day, will do his interest of gambling in his free time, I get to see him and do things at night, but shop and sightsee with my mom during the day - the things he hates to do!! PERFECT!! The girls will be going to Raleigh to spend a few days with Bo's parents and my mom and I are flying out of Raleigh. Bo has to fly out of DC so we will meet him there! I am super excited. The time was cleared from work, kids will be well taken care of, and I get to spend some quality time with my mom and fun time with Bo in Vegas! Can't wait!! Flights and hotels were booked tonight. The company is staying at the MGM Grand so we booked an extra room there just to meet up with Bo when we can more easily. Come on March!!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

A Great Weekend

This weekend was one of those weekends that I was so grateful to be living near home. Friday night the four of us went to MacArthur Center, ate at Max and Erma's and took the kids to play at the adorable play area with slides, tubes, climbing areas, etc. They were so good and had lots of fun. When we were getting ready for bathtime when we got home Emma got into my closet again and this is what her and Hannah did with my UGGS.

After playing around in my Uggs, I snapped some pictures of big girl Hannah brushing her teeth now! She is getting so big and wants to do everything Emma does.

Saturday was my cousin Hunter's 16th birthday. I can remember so clearly the day he was born and going to the hospital to see him wearing my really cool Pumba shoes. I thought I was super cool and grown then and now that he is 16 I just feel super old! Hunter is a great kid, plays on varsity basketball as a tenth grader, a hard worker and great brother to his little sisters. My uncle and aunt surprised him with a lifted truck. He was in shock. The girls had fun playing with some of my other cousins. It is so nice to see Emma playing with them by herself now. Although it was rainy, it was a fun day.
me and the girls waiting on present time
Hunter, Courtney and Whitney in the truck
Mammie with the Great Grandchildren
Emma playing with Kelly and Whitney
Hannah enjoying cake
mom and Hannah
Later that evening my cousin Joey, his wife Dawn and their kids came to hang out at our house until we went to a church dinner. That too was so nice, fun and the kids were great playing with others. We also got to meet some other new church members and had a delicious BBQ dinner and lots of delicious desserts!

Today after church we went to my m om and dad's to celebrate my dad's birthday! We had our favorite meal - fried chicken, mashed potatoes, corn, green beans, and rolls. It was super good. We gave my dad a pair of Sperrys to wear this spring/summer. All was well except my sweet baby nephew has not been feeling well. He cries out in pain while eating and acts like something is hurting him so badly. Since my brother in law was on duty, my mom and sister took him to CHKD after we gave my dad presents. We hope to hear some news soon.

eating at the kid table
the grandkids
me and lindsay with dad and grandkids
giving Pop Pop his present
Emma doing Bo's hair!
As of now Bo and Emma are at the grocery store, Hannah is asleep and I am catching up on this! Although it is Super Bowl Sunday I would be more excited about The Kardashians coming on tonight - love that show - a guilty pleasure! Too bad it doesn't because the only thing on tonight is the Super Bowl. I hate football - so glad the season is ending!Recently watching mindless TV at night has become something I love- Kardashians, Jersey Shore, Jerseylicious - so much better than research and Masters work! Anyway, this weekend sums up why is is worth living near home - time with just the four of us, time with family, time with church, and birthday celebrations.

Last Weekend Follow Up

I said I would post separately on last Sunday. What was so nice about it was that we officially joined our church. We had been members at a church that I had grown up with, but made the decision to branch out, meet some newer, younger people with young kids and really enjoyed this other church. My cousin is the music director there and had encouraged me for awhile to come visit. We have been visiting for about a year now so we decided to make the move. We also want Emma to go to the preschool there next fall and you had to be three to now Emma will be going there next fall. We are really excited!

After church my dad's side of the family got together for lunch to celebrate Steve's birthday and to visit with a cousin that came into town. Our table was the biggest table in the restaurant - mom, dad, me, Bo, Emma, Hannah, Lindsay, Steve, Andy, Granny, Alex, Robbie, April and baby Adaire! The girls were wonderful - Hannah entertained everyone around her doing her animal sounds and saying everyone's name. She was just precious. We all had a great time together.