Thursday, January 17, 2013

This Week

This week has been pretty crappy. And I think its because of the weather. It has rained every single day. It is cold. I hate it.

I had a meeting after work on Monday with finance to take care of health/benefits paperwork since Bo's is better. I came home and did cook again, thank you - BBQ chicken, beans, corn and fruit. We had our homework time and I have to tear them away from their workbooks. Hannah is really into mazes and staying in between the lines. Emma loves her handwriting. That night while helping them I squatted down at the table a bad way and pulled a muscle in my thigh - it has hurt so bad. I have tried stretching it all week and today is the first day it has felt better.

Tuesday dad had duty so mom and I took the kids to Cracker Barrel and then to Gymboree to get our Gymbuck items on hold. Mom went back Wednesday morning to get everything. We didn't get home until 8:30, so that was a later night than normal. They didn't get in bed until 9:00.

Thank goodness my staff meeting Wednesday was cancelled. We ate dinner with mom and dad and then I took Emma to church for practice and Hannah just stayed with mom and dad since it was so disgusting out. Although I love Wednesdays, it is a late night. We don't finish until 8:00. Then had to pick up Hannah and Lilly at mom and dads, then home in the rain and cold. Then bathtime, dry hair, pajamas, quick snack and bedtime.

Today the weather has continued to put a damper on kids' behavior at school and my own children seem to be just worn out. Even I am cranky, irritable and tired. I still got the kids to dance class tonight but ever since getting home tonight I am just pretty much done. The girls have had their moments tonight where they are not getting along. They are being needy and I can't seem to get anything accomplished. I also had to take out the trash, down the long hill we live on, in the rain, in the cold and mud. That was fun. Last week my dad did it for me but he is on duty tonight.

I am hoping for a little snow. A delay tomorrow would be just perfect. We shall see. Bo is going to make the drive home tomorrow to save another flight for next weekend. It will probably be just as fast as flying since all of his flights have been delayed and his layovers have been pretty long. I will be happy to have him home for Saturday and Sunday - then he will leave Monday since its a holiday.

Here are a few pics from this week or maybe even last because I am behind.

love this pic of Hannah playing iPad with her little legs crossed

Emma is now into decorating her room - that means getting tape out of the office and taping things to 
her walls, dresser and even bed

pic mom took from Wednesday - they set up a picnic and served Goldfish

they looked cute tonight at dance with their zebra print leg warmers

14 Weeks....

and no, that does not mean what you think it does - not 14 weeks prego - SORRY :)

For 14 weeks I am a single, working mom. Bo has taken a new position with MRI Software and is training in Ohio for that long. We took him to the airport on January 6th. The girls were all about the airport and kept talking how we were there when we went to Disney. We ate some breakfast and then had to leave him there. The girls really don't understand what is going on. Hannah kept saying, "it's girls  night!" That is what she always said when Bo was traveling. Well, more like girls 14 weeks.

We went to Target and got all of the birthday presents we needed for some upcoming kid parties. Then we ran to the mall for me for me to buy some new black shoes with my birthday money. We came home and I just started mapping out the weeks and schedules.

Great story on Monday - Bremer keeps the girls on Mondays so I went to work, worked all day, went directly to the grocery store, came home, unloaded groceries, Bremer left, changed clothes and made dinner - cheeseburgers, homemade fries, mixed some fruit, and the girls wanted their yogurt. I fixed their plates, they came in and got their drinks, and we sat at the table and started eating. It was quiet for a minute and Emma said, "mommy? " yes emma? "I am really proud of you for cooking dinner tonight!" It was pretty hilarious. I think she connected it all - mom worked all day, ran errands, got dinner going with no help from daddy, and she was able to feed us. I don't think I will ever forget that. She is a smart little thing and realizes that daddy does most of the food preparations and when daddy is gone we usually eat at Gaga's. Oh, she is something else.

The rest of the week was okay - my mom has been wonderful coming to our house (since we live a whole 1/4 mile away) in the mornings. I get the girls up and fed breakfast on preschool days. Mom gets them dressed here, takes them to preschool, picks them up, comes back to our house to get Lilly and then takes them all back to her house.  Fridays they go to Beth's house. However, last Friday I took half day off because Emma had recently been complaining of an earache. So, we took her to the ENT Friday morning and sure enough she has her first ear infection since tubes - the ear that lost the tube in fact. So, we spent that morning dropping off prescription, wasting time at Wal Mart, picking up prescription, and then to Beth's house. Then, I picked up Chick Fil A for some girls at work and our assistant principal and worked the last half of day.

Last week I also had a LMS meeting. A big part of the meeting was safety and how the district wants us to keep only one door unlocked in the library to expedite lockdown procedures in case needed. I have 3 doors, so I thought that was a good idea. Now, I only have to worry about one door. It has been interesting for the kids and teachers to adjust to that.

Wednesday we had Kirk Night - of course we do dinner there. I went to my handbell practice and Emma to her choir and chimes. Hannah still stays with me and just watches us play bells - she is so good. I love Wednesday evenings - I always feel so refreshed those evenings and I always get my mind off things and enjoy the fellowship and time with my cousins.

Thursday was Observation Day at dance class! The girls did OUTSTANDING! Well, we need to work on Hannah's skipping but they were just adorable. Hannah is dancing with many girls who danced last year and some are almost 5, so for 3 years old, she did awesome. Emma of course is a perfectionist - every step just right, always watching the teacher, very in tune with listening and following directions. She is a precious little dancer. It was just great to see them. Just a few pics - I think a took 100 and lots of videos.

So, after working a half day Friday we had dinner with mom and dad. I got the girls home and in bed and dad came over to stay with the girls while mom and I went and dropped off Bo's car at the airport. His flight was delayed and not expected until midnight. He finally got home around 1:30. I was a zombie when letting him in the house. The company gives him his salary and a living expense while away and we are able to use some of that expense for him to travel home on weekends.

He had a race Saturday morning. We stayed in most of the day and let the girls rest. We all decided to go to Red Robin for dinner and then run a few errands. When leaving Red Robin they were out of balloons. The sweet hostess tried to make the girls happy by saying "Next time, I'll give you 2 balloons!" Emma looked right at her and said, "well, next time we're going to Outback!" Again - another moment I don't think I'll ever forget. She is turning into a sassy something. We all burst out laughing and the hostess said that was the funniest thing she has ever heard. We laughed all night long just replaying it in our heads.

Sunday Bo and the girls went to Sunday School and church. I went with Sarah (my cousin's fiance) to a bridal show we had planned weeks ago. She has a few big items left to do but she is well ahead with most things. I am her mistress of ceremonies. She wanted someone to be in charge and organized and not afraid to tell people what to do - why did she think of me? haha. I can't wait to play wedding day boss! Too bad the wedding is not until November.

I got back home around 1:30 and then we were back in the car to take Bo to the airport. I have to say, it was a little harder dropping him off this time. The girls and I went to Barnes and Noble afterwards just to waste some time and then back home to start a new week.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Christmas Card

Just for memory sake - our 2012 Christmas card!

Happy New Year!!

The 31st felt my first day back to normal. Even though I am still coughing like crazy, I am much stronger. My friend Jenny Lynne brought her boys to play and exchange gifts with the girls. They had some lunch and we talked for a long time and visited.

The girls took a late nap until 6:15 pm since we were going to Maryanne's house for New Years. It was lots of fun. We had a ton of food, good wine, the men were wound up and the kids were entertained and played wonderfully. This was Emma's and Hannah's first New Years Eve - they  had hats and blowers and they just had a fun time. They all made it to midnight and we left around 12:30. They probably weren't in bed until 1AM. It was a fun night. Maryanne even had me a birthday cake to celebrate my day again.

me and my Emma
Emma, Lauren and Hannah

AJ and Hannah

AJ and Emma

Cole said, "my turn!" and hugged Hannah for a picture!!! LOL

playing Chutes and Ladders

Bo and Maryanne

Maryanne, me and Andria

adult picture, courtesy of Emma


The Flu......

And the day after Christmas, we all began to fall apart. We were in Raleigh and Bo woke up not feeling well. Emma woke up with a low grade fever. My mom in VA (I found out later)  had fever, and my grandmother had a fever. Lovely.

Bo was supposed to fly to Ohio the next day and we were all worried about him not being well enough to go. I thought I would need to get everyone home and to Patient First or doctors. So, we left Raleigh around 11:00. When we got home Bo was actually doing okay. Emma still ran low grade fever for the rest of the day. So, we unpacked and did a little bit of cleaning/organization. Emma was aching to make something with her Easy Bake Oven. Later that night they started stacking all of their toys in the middle of the room so Bo and I could open everything.

making some yummy cookies!

time to start opening up boxes!

Brave was rocking out

Emma singing while Hannah was dancing

yes, they love the microphone -thanks mom and dad, seriously 

After the girls went to bed that night I started feeling funny - coughing and had a heavy feeling in my chest. When I woke up the next morning I was so sick. My head had never hurt that bad in my entire life. Bo ended up going to Ohio and by that time my nephew had started a fever. So, I was sick with both kids by myself for the whole day. As the day went on I got worse - to the point where I could not even get them ready for bed. They put on their pj's, got their sleeping bags on the living room floor and Bo got home around midnight. The house was completely destroyed and Bo was like, "whoa, your mom is really sick."

Emma's fever broke but the next day my sister had a fever and baby Ella. My dad said all the guys who work for him at the store were sick as well as several men on his shift at the fire dept. I was down for the count on my birthday. Bo went to work for half a day, but I needed him to come home. I was too weak to do anything. I had some medicine that knocked me out and I pretty much slept the entire day. My fever finally broke late that night but even the next day I felt awful and just so weak - and no appetite at all.

The 29th was my grandmother's birthday and we couldn't do anything for her either. She was still recovering. My mom was better and Andy was ok by then. It was about a 3 day ordeal for everyone who had it. It was just awful. Hannah, the one who cannot get a flu shot because of her egg allergy was really the only one who never got anything. My doctor said it was a different strand so even though most of us had flu shots or mists, it still got through.

Anyway - I am glad I got it over break without taking a lot of sick days for work, but at the same time I hate I was sick over my birthday and missed lots of shopping days over my break. At the same time, it was nice sleeping a lot and staying home. The girls got lots of play time in and I saved money by not being out and about.

Mom, dad, Lindsay and the kids came over on the 30th to celebrate my birthday. We got Outback takeout and ate here. Mom and dad gave me a Banana Republic dress and coat and Lindsay gave me a flower arrangements with lights for the living room. Bo and the girls gave me a new pair of shoes from Banana. It was nice just being in and letting the kids play.