Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter 2013

Saturday started with swim lessons and then we had to dye our eggs. Bo did lots of yard work - it was such a nice day. Later we went to mom and dad's for our family Easter dinner and egg hunt.

The girls got lots of surprises in their Easter baskets this morning. Emma woke up around 7:30 ready to get her basket. They got puzzles, Doc McStuffin's Big Book of Boo Boo's, Calico Critter Families (Hannah - sheep, Emma - mice), books, candy and lamb stuffed animals. We got ready for church - I had three bell pieces to play - we had a wonderful service aside from the rain. So, all of our pictures are indoors. We came home and ate lunch at our house and then took Bo to the airport.

Hannah and her Precious Moments figurine 

how did the Easter Bunny find lamb suckers???

and Emma's favorite - chick suckers???

silly girls

my precious babies

so found a dress to match their color dresses

Our family picture this year - LOL

completely not ready

ready, but blurry

those were our only options! 

Gaga and the grandkids

The rest of my family has head on to the beach. Me and the girls stayed in tonight. I had lots of cleaning to do, packing to do, laundry, etc. We made some cookies tonight and they went to bed early. We are going to our first Busch Gardens venture of the spring/summer tomorrow with some friends. It is supposed to be the prettiest day of the week (and warmer here than at the beach)
so I thought we would spend it outside as much as possible. Me and the girls will head to the beach Tuesday morning.

Friday, March 29, 2013

Preschool Parties

Yesterday (Thursday) was Easter Party day at preschool. I had not made it to their Fall Fest, Christmas party, or Valentine party - so I was surely going to be there for Easter. They had a Bluegrass concert before their parties started so the parents could start hiding eggs. Then, starting with the youngest class - Hannah's, the classes rotated outside to hunt.
getting ready!

Go Hannah!

showing her teacher she found the "Golden Egg"

Hannah's class

the Easter Bunny arrived!

Emma's class preparing

go, go, go!

Emma and the Easter Bunny

Emma's class and teacher

yea! mommy made it to a fun day at preschool!

pretzel snacks I made for their parties - Pintrest! Also took cupcakes, rice crispy treats, flowers for teachers and extra treats for all the classmates. I don't think I slept this week. 

I had to get back to work to close out the Book Fair - we killed our goal - over $7,000!!!  We packed it up and had everything boxed away by 3:45 - then it was out of there for the official start of Spring Break. I met mom to get the girls for dance class, went through Chick Fil A for dinner and we all crashed. 

I am home today with the girls. We need to run a few errands and get Bo's car to the airport. I need to start packing for the beach and do preparations for our family dinner and egg hunt tomorrow. 

Sunday, March 24, 2013


Sometimes, you just need to take a break from Social Media to focus on the real important things. Our life has been a little crazy recently, and with the support of family and friends we are going to be okay. But, March has been busy so here are a few highlights.

Swim Lessons - the girls started their annual spring swim lessons the first weekend in March. Hannah is going under and popping back up. Emma will still get out of the pool with her hair barely wet. They are taking with their closest friends right now - Lauren and Cole so they are all just having a blast together.

That same weekend mom and I went to preview the pictures of the girls' modeling day (Bo didn't come home that weekend).  The pictures turned out great. I ordered one of my favorites and I will post when I get a chance to pick it up. We also ran out to the mall that day to do some Easter shopping. Hannah saw a "baby lamby" in a card store and Emma saw a chick so they were happy to get a little prize that day. This was us using some "wait time" in the car before we got our table at Outback.

March 5th was Read Across America night at our school honoring Dr. Seuss. The girls came with me since I had to have the library running. They participated in the activities with some kindergarten teachers and they had a great time.

That next weekend I taught Hannah's Sunday School class and she wore her lamby dress she had been so excited for.

That following week at school was the 5th grade writing test - a wonderful preview of all the testing to come in late spring. With all tests 3rd, 4th and 5th grade being online this year - the person in charge of technology must be crazy - oh yeah, that's me. Basically I had to make sure each and every one of our laptops and deskstops were screened a week before the tests. They all had to be in perfect working condition. Day one of the test went great - only two laptops failed that I could not fix myself. Day 2 - disaster. About 20 laptops failed and I had to put in repair tickets for about half of those because of battery issues. We have all tests for 3-5 grade to look foward to beginning in May. It will be a whole month of testing. At least the library will be closed so I can completely focus on technology.  Bo's mom also came to VA that week to visit with the girls. They had some quality Nana time!

March 16th and 17th Bo ran the Shamrock races in VA Beach. The girls had another photo shoot with my sister with the live ducks and bunnies. The day started out rainy but then it warmed up and turned out to be beautiful.

This work week has been crazy with spring book fair starting - we did $2,300 on day one!  Bo was in Florida and then we were all in Raleigh for Saturday for the kids to hunt eggs. It was a short trip because we had preschool Sunday today along with Emma's music group singing and my bell choir playing for Palm Sunday. Throw in a trip to the Easter Bunny, lunch on the road and getting Bo back to the airport - it has been quite a day. 

preschool Sunday

Easter Bunny 2013 pictures - decided to have them in their bunny and lamb dresses since I had pictures of their Easter dresses taken with live ducks and bunnies

So that is March so far! This week continues with book fair, bell choir rehearsal, preschool board meeting, preschool Easter parties, dance class, dyeing Easter Eggs, family egg hunt, Easter Sunday and then a week of Spring Break/relaxation at the beach. Now, if we could just throw in some warm weather, i think things could be just about right.

A few other random pics from March:
Hannah and her dress up style

a pic Gaga took before preschool

Hannah - being Hannah

found Emma's animals like this when I checked on her before I went to bed one night - she had them all  arranged perfectly