Wednesday, February 27, 2013

There's a Snake in the Library!!!

Today was one of the best days ever in the Hillpoint Media Center. I had this reptile program planned for months. I wanted to surprise the kids with just a fun day about reptiles and reading. So, this morning when seeing the man set up for the program, the chatter in the hallways was hilarious. They had no clue what was going on. The only staff that knew was the administration and the other resource teachers. So, all classes came to the library during their resource today for this very special program. The man, JB of JB Rattles presented to the kids. He talked about safety, what to do if they came across a snake in the wild, venom vs. poison, habitats, predator/preys, mimicry, defense, geography and so much more. The kids were so excited, so into the presentation and were aching to participate. Of course I connected the presentation with literacy and we will extend the presentation into some reptile research. It was just a fun day. I had people in and out all day, from teachers, custodians, administration, the fire department (they were there for routine inspection) and even mom brought Emma and Hannah to catch in some fun at the end. Hannah loved the reptiles and Emma did not touch anything! I am so proud of these students. I love seeing them excited about learning. It was just an amazing day.

Mr. JB brought a Milk Snake, an albino snake, an African Spurred Tortoise, a scorpion, a Burmese Python, a rescued alligator and an African lizard. Talk about a library being boring - not ours!

the Burmese weighed 50 lbs!

our acting assistant principal! 

Lasagna Cook Off!

This past weekend we had a get together with our friends for a Lasagna Cook Off. Thom and Amie have apparently had this in their minds for the past several years since they both have Italian in their families. So, we all got together to decide who would ultimately win. Ummm  - they were both so delicious that I ate both and was stuffed the entire day afterward!

The kids had a great time, as usual. We had yummy desserts too. Bo was home for the weekend but had a half marathon Sunday, so we didn't see him much. He will be gone for two weeks now without a weekend home. 

Some other recent pics:

Emma got this Cuddle - uppet for Christmas. It was something she asked for last minute and ended up being one of her favorite things. She takes it to mom's house all the time so here are some picture of her being silly. 

Does every little girl have a picture of this?? haha

Friday, February 22, 2013

Halfway There!

This past week marked 7 weeks of Bo being in Ohio - so we are officially halfway done!

Why is it that short weeks at work always seem the longest? Tuesday and Wednesday were the longest days ever. I didn't have any meetings either - just long days!

Here is Emma helping mom when I picked her up one of those days - she is liking to help vacuum.

cleaning while sporting her UGGS - my kind of girl!

I had to take this picture of Emma one night - she had arranged her 3,754 stuffed animals just perfectly around her! You can barely see her in there!

Mom took this picture of the girls before school.

and Hannah's assistant teacher caught this moment during preschool so she sent it to us - 

Now, this little boy is Cooper and we hear his name allllll the time. But, mom had a funny story for me this week - I believe Tuesday. She said when she went to pick up the girls from preschool that she could see through the 2 way mirror that Hannah's teacher was reading a story. Then, she saw Hannah sitting next to a little boy and the little boy had his arm around her back and then her waist. She was thinking Hannah would not want him doing that - but then noticed how Hannah was resting her head on his shoulder and cuddling up against him! WHAT? She said it was like a "necking" session during preschool story time! I was laughing so hard. I asked Hannah, "do the boys like you in your class?" She said, "no, just two of them - Nicholas and Cooper."

Oh  my goodness - she had us rolling. So, maybe we will see a picture of her and Nicholas from the assistant teacher soon. Mom said that Hannah's teacher asked her if she saw them and they all got a laugh out of it. Oh Hannah - trouble, trouble. 

On Thursday mom was being funny and took our picture at our meeting place where we switch so I can take the girls to dance class.

That night was crazy too - work all day, girls to dance class, quick Chick Fil A drive through, home to drop off girls with babysitter and then I am now an official Board member of the girls' preschool and it was our first meeting of the year - and it went until about 9:00. Get home, clean up, girls to bed, get out of my heels and finally got to sit down and watch some Greys. I had already taken off Friday for the girls' modeling photo shoot and boy I was so glad I did. 

This morning before getting ready - they are always in this dress up box - 

The girls did great today - they had a lot of fun modeling their dresses and the photographer praised them and said she got some great shots. I go next Saturday to give my input on the pictures that the store will use. I can't wait to see them. 

I didn't take that many shots because I didn't want to distract the girls - here she had them lay down on the fluffy pillow and got some shots from above. I am so excited to see the pictures and I can't wait to see what the store will do with them. 

So, I am up waiting for Bo's call that his flight has landed. It is raining so hard right now. That is about it for now as we enter week 8! Have a great weekend!

Last Weekend

Bo was able to get off a day early last week and come home on a Thursday night, but he drove. Friday morning we gave the girls our Valentine Presents before I went to work.

I went to work and the girls stayed half the day with Bo and half the day with mom since Bo had conference calls all afternoon. Friday was a big tease with gorgeous weather so the girls had some time outside with GaGa.

That night was Hunter's Senior Night  - I just cannot believe he is a senior this year. He was my little ring bearer in our wedding! I remember the exact day he was born. Our entire family is very proud of him and his dedication to sports in school. He is such a good athlete and we will miss cheering him on. He has been accepted to Longwood and is going there in the fall.

Saturday was my day and night off! My friend Lindsay picked me up at 7:30 in the morning. We enjoyed a nice morning at a spa in Williamsburg - it was my Valentine present from Bo. After that we had lunch, drove back to Norfolk and shopped at MacArthur until 8:30 pm. Then, we decided it was time for California Pizza and a bottle of wine. After that we drove a whole two blocks to the Norfolk Marriott - Bo gave me his points and got us a free room. It was just so nice - beautiful hotel. We enjoyed a peaceful night of sleep, and woke up around 9:00. We ventured down to brunch around 10:30 - eggs, potatoes, french toast, fruit, grits, oh my gosh I ate so much. It was delicious.

Bo had the girls to himself Saturday - they even had a birthday party to attend at Chuck E Cheese - haha! Bo handled it great! The girls enjoyed the time with him and he treated them to Sweet Frog too.

Sunday we all met up at Chesapeake Square and my friend dropped me off - back to reality. At least I had Monday off from school for Presidents Day.

Bo left Monday morning for Ohio and the girls and I had lots of errands to run. We dropped clothes off at Robbie and April's house for Adair and then stopped to see a friend of mine since 6th grade who had a baby. After visiting with her we went to this children's clothing store Connie's Kids. They had selected Emma and Hannah to model for their spring advertisements. I had found out last week and was really excited they were chosen. Plus, I get discounts at Connie's Kids for the whole year! So, we had to get them fitted in the dresses she wanted them to wear. That went very smoothly so we had time to stop at my favorite - Bakers Crust for lunch. We even had the amazing strawberry crepes, which the girls devoured.

At 2:00 the girls had dentist appointments. They both did great, but Emma does have her first cavity :(
They said her teeth are very tight and that is cause to be more cavity prone - fabulous. So, they suggested we go see a pediatric dentist sometime and see what they say.

So, may day off was really packed and we were beat by the end of the day. I don't even remember what we did that evening for dinner. But, it was a nice, long weekend - I got a nice dose of relaxation mixed with running around getting things done.