Sunday, October 30, 2011

Emma's Preschool Fall Festival

Thursday was Emma's fall festival and costume parade at preschool. Hannah got to go too and they both had so much fun. My mom actually took them because I had to work - I would much rather take off for the Christmas fun, but mom said it was very, very cute. She also said Hannah thought that she was one of the students and participated in everything going on from face paint to crafts, food and the petting zoo.
in the parade

Emma with her teacher
Emma's class
more crafts
petting zoo
Hannah - not afraid of anything
Emma and her boyfriend - Max!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

This Past Week

After a great weekend last weekend, Emma came down with a brief stomach bug on Monday. Luckily, she only threw up once. I stayed home Tuesday morning and then Bo came home around noon to relieve me. Then, when I got home that evening I noticed Emma's ear looking pretty nasty. So, we took both girls to Patient First. They both walked out with antibiotics. Emma had an ear infection (first one since tubes) and Hannah had an upper resp. infection. This is what we did on Monday. We stayed on the couch and watched Christmas movies.

The rest of the week was fine. Emma went back to preschool on Thursday. On Friday we went to Chuck E Cheese, BJ's and Toys R Us. Saturday Emma and I went to Wal Mart and got some treats to make treat bags for her preschool class. I also kept my friend's son, Brayden, for awhile. The girls loved playing with him. We made Halloween cards with Halloween stickers, we made Halloween cupcakes, played Play Doh and all kinds of things. Emma went a little crazy with the sprinkles on the cupcakes, but they had a blast. They also helped me make Emma's treat bags for her class.

After a yummy dinner and cupcakes for dessert, they kids needed a major bath!

Saturday was my nephew Andy's first birthday! He had a firetruck theme birthday and it was so cute. We stayed much later to let the girls play with Andy and Adair. They are so much fun together now since Adair is walking and Andy is getting around so well!

the kiddos eating together

So, today Emma wore her super cute shirt that she made in preschool. The teacher wanted all of the kids to wear them today. The ghost is her footprint in case you can't tell. Thursday she has her fall festival at preschool, costume parade and even the petting zoo is coming to school. Hannah is also excited because she gets to go too. I think Emma has been too excited to sleep lately. Although she has slept through the night, she has been waking up early when I am up and is in such a good mood! She always asks, "what's tomorrow?" And she wants to know what happens next and when something is. If Halloween is this exciting, I cannot imagine how exciting Christmas is going to be.

Monday, October 17, 2011

No More "C"

Last night marked one week without Hannah having her "C" (Pacifier). It started last Sunday when she wanted to take a little character to bed. I said she could as long as she did not take her "C". She said, "okay mama." I was really shocked that she said okay. I was even more surprised when she made it through the whole night without it. We just did the same thing through the week. I let her take something special to bed with her and kept praising her for being such a big girl. Turning 2 years old is always a big milestone to get rid of the pacifier and I was worried Hannah would be very reluctant to separate from it, especially at night. Anyway, we have not even said the word or talked about it in the past few days! I am so proud of you Hannah! You are such a big girl!

I had the hardest time finding pictures of Hannah with her "C". She never needed it so much as a baby, but when she started getting older she wanted it more for bed, when she was sleepy, or had got hurt. It became more of a comfort for her when things were not going her way. She also was so good about taking it out for a picture and she would hand it right to me when I asked for it. I guess I never thought about how few pictures I have of her actually with it!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Church Pictures

Here are the pictures I got from our church for our new directory that we had done a few weeks ago!

Happy Birthday Mom!

Today was my mom's birthday. I picked up the girls this morning from my parent's house since the girls stayed with them last night. Then, we came back home and painted our pumpkins real fast. Then, my family all had lunch together at Mammie's house. Happy birthday to my mom! I am so lucky to be her daughter!]
Hannah painting
Emma painting
their finished products - lovely!
mom and the girls

Howl O' Scream

Saturday night Bo and I had a night out!! We went with my cousins to Howl O' Scream at Busch Gardens. It was super crowded but you are always in for some great laughs around these people. I also rode the new ride Mach Tower, which was awe-some!!! We stayed until closing and had a great time despite the very crowded lines.

waiting for the train
me and Bo :)

The Pumpkin Patch!

Saturday morning Bo and I took the girls to a small pumpkin patch in Chesapeake. They loved seeing all of the pumpkins. Then, we took a cute little hayride to a field to get a pumpkin. We let them pick out two small pumpkins to paint at home. They loved it and it was a beautiful day!

NSA Homecoming - October 14, 2011

It is hard to believe that this time last year I was celebrating my 10 year high school reunion. I love going to my high school homecoming because it is always like going back to family. I love socializing with people that I do not get to see that much, but still feel like I know them so well. It is a great time to catch up with people. I also love seeing the girls having fun with the cheerleaders, band and other little friends. Bo was nice enough to put the kids down to bed after the football game and I went out to the after party for awhile.

Hannah cheerleading on my old stomping ground!
Brayden and Hannah
high school friends and our kids - me holding down Brayden!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Peanut Fest Fun!

Oh yes!!! The event that takes place every year in Suffolk is.....Peanut Fest!!! Of course, Hannah could not take advantage of the free peanuts :) We still had lots of fun!

We went to the petting zoo......
We rode the ponies...............

This was our reaction when HANNAH - out of all of us won a goldfish!!!....................

and of course the nice man gave us two goldfish!...............
After funnel cake and tent browsing we took some cute pictures with cousin Andy!......

We toured some very nice RV's. My dad said this is how he would travel to Disney. Emma was too funny - buckled herself up and said, "okay, let's go!" She was convinced we were going to Disney right then! I said, "honey we are not going right now." Emma said in a very sassy voice, "why not?" LOL
my dad and Bo in the front, testing it out...

So, after a very eventful time at peanut fest, we all had dinner with my cousin Robbie and Granny for her birthday. Poor baby Adair was sick so we did not see her and April.

Hannah helping Granny open her present

Hannah loves Robbie - she wanted to go home with him!

After dinner we had to go to WalMart to get an aquarium, food, pump, cleaner, pebbles and and plant for our new goldfish additions. We did get a pink light for them! They are now in our kitchen!